We enhance the skills and knowledge within the sector in a range of critical areas by supporting philanthropy organisations in reflecting upon and taking up impactful practices; keeping them up to date on emerging issues; and connecting them with peers around shared learning, with the aim of making these organisations and the sector more effective, ambitious, accountable and inclusive.

Peer-exchange programmes

Philea members can improve their skills through our peer-exchange programmes which cater to all levels of staff in the philanthropic sector – from CEOs to programme staff to professionals just entering the field:

Tailor made peer-learning

Philea responds to the needs of its members in the ever-evolving philanthropic sector. Philea organises and hosts customised peer-learning webinars, workshops and meetings based on member interests and needs. Topics for these can emerge from:


PEX is where the European philanthropy infrastructure meets. PEXcommunity was jointly co-created at the PEXforum 2020 in Madrid, the first Europe-wide event bringing together leaders and experts from national, regional and European philanthropy support organisations.

Legal Affairs Committee

The Legal Affairs Committee (LAC) consists of legal and public affairs experts from Philea members, composed of both national associations and foundations, across Europe. The members of the LAC advise Philea’s policy and advocacy work.


Anthony Pepe
Programme Manager
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