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The Philea Data Science Group brings together data scientists and data enthusiasts working within the philanthropic sector.  The regular meetings address the potential advantages of using data analysis for the social sector as well as its risks and pitfalls and strategies to limit them (i.e. through the choices we make on what data to collect, how to collect, analyse, and interpret data, and use of data for decision making).

Data for good is about using analytics and data to help humanity. Applying data for social good can lead to new and creative ways to address global issues in a more targeted and efficient manner, rendering data for good essential for philanthropic organisations. The private sector long ago mastered the use of data to achieve its goals. Now, it is time for the social sector to do the same.

The efficient use of data can help the philanthropic sector target its actions, improve decision-making and ultimately effect positive change in a more effective manner. Furthermore, data and analytics can help philanthropic organisations better target their communications outreach and understand the platforms and audience segments they target. Information and insights can drive the philanthropic strategy and agenda, which in turn can create increased impact in targeted communities.

Recent News
News19 April 2022

How data science can assist in generating social impact with the Data Science Group

On 5 April, the latest edition of the Data Science Talks by the Data Science Group took place on the subject of “Data Driven Enterprises.
News21 January 2022

Discovering Data Trusts with the Data Science Group

The first Data Science Talk of 2022 took place on the 14 January and zoomed in on the topic of Data Trusts. The data environment has power imbalances and this…
10 November 2021

Discovering data labs – highlights from the fourth edition of the Data Science Talks

The EFC Data Science Group held the fourth of its Data Science Talks on the 27 October looking at Data Labs and how utilising data can help social enterprises and…


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