Next Gen – Empowering the Next Generation of philanthropy professionals

The Next Gen programme gives a new generation of professionals in philanthropy a unique chance to interact with leading philanthropy practitioners from Europe and around the world, and form lasting networks with their peers. Next Gens are newcomers to the sector – those either at the start of their professional careers or those who are making a career change from other sectors.

What is the Next Gen programme?

The Next Generation programme aims to enable the new generation of professionals in philanthropy to learn about:

  • Philea; 
  • The state of institutional philanthropy both in Europe and internationally;  
  • And key issues and trends of the sector.  

Created in 2010, the programme furthers Philea’s commitment to advance learning and knowledge development in the sector. The Next Gen programme is embedded in the Philea Forum, giving participants a chance to network and share with leading philanthropy professionals from Europe and around the world.  

Since its establishment, more than 70 participants from over 40 organisations have taken part in the programme, and a couple of dozen now form part of a dynamic Next Generation Alumni group.

What are the objectives of the programme??

  • To offer an introduction to the European philanthropic sector, key trends, and developments, as well as emerging practices;
  • To create meaningful connections among participants and foster a peer-support network they can rely on after the Philea Forum;
  • To provide an excellent experience during the Philea Forum, and to provide personalised learning journeys for the participants to make the most out of this opportunity of attending a dynamic conference. There will also be curated peer-sessions and exchanges with leaders from the sectors to provide inspiration and insights

Who can apply?

  • Young professionals that have started their professional journey in a philanthropic organisation;
  • Seasoned professionals that have recently joined philanthropy from other sectors.

Next Gen 2024

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Céline T’Joen
Programme Officer
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