Collaboration and Networking

We connect our members to each other and to relevant actors in other sectors for inspiration and joint action. A key channel for this is our Thematic Networks, groups of Philea members that come together around a theme of common interest. Each has a unique approach – from advocacy efforts to research projects to joint programmes, and several also hold annual conferences. We support these networks in whatever they would like to do, and we facilitate the creation of new networks based on members’ interests.

Children and Youth Thematic Network

This network involved in children’s issues will help to put children’s rights onto the international agenda, and taking a collective step towards the actual realisation of those rights.


Disability Thematic Network

This network serves as an open forum for philanthropic organisations to exchange, learn and connect about any issue related to disability with an eye to mainstreaming disability within their work and programmes.


Democracy Network

This network aims to facilitate a strong and thriving democracy in Europe, where philanthropy helps safeguard core democratic values of freedom and cooperation and enhances citizen’s abilities to shape and innovate their governance.


Gender Equality Network

This network aims to facilitate mutual learning and a better understanding of gender, and to promote the use of a gender lens throughout the work of foundations.


Research Forum

This group of research-funding philanthropic organisations facilitates more effective philanthropic support.


We also work directly with members to incubate their ideas into new networks, projects and programmes. Using our own capacity and skills, we offer our members a safe space and support to connect them with the right partners to nurture their ideas into customised programmes and projects. Have an idea? Get in touch!


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