Collaboration and Networking

We connect our members to each other and to relevant actors in other sectors for inspiration and joint action. A key channel for this is our Thematic Networks, groups of Philea members that come together around a theme of common interest. We support these networks in whatever they would like to do, and we facilitate the creation of new networks based on members’ interests. Philea’s Thematic Networks are clustered along our cross-cutting themes of Climate, Democracy and Equality.


EU Cities Mission

This network brings together foundations who can provide a unique contribution to the journey of climate neutrality in cities through their capacity to engage stakeholders, take risks and think long-term, as well as to provide additional funds and investments.


European Environmental Funders Group

This network brings together foundations supporting environmental causes with the aim of increasing the amount of financial support for environmental and conservation issues and improving the overall effectiveness of philanthropic efforts.



Democracy Network

This network facilitates collaborative actions around the topic of defending versus developing democracy and brings together foundations for inspiration, discussion and knowledge exchange.


Journalism Funders Forum

This network is the only space in Europe where funders can engage in an interactive and proactive manner around the issue of independent, quality journalism and its role in supporting democracy.


KoneKtor – Philanthropy East Forum

This network is the only philanthropic platform focused specifically on issues in central and eastern Europe and provides opportunities to learn, reflect and connect in a dynamic, open and grounded space co-created and co-designed by engaged organisations.



Children and Youth Network

This network aims to foster collaboration and advance meaningful youth participation in philanthropy by giving access to practical toolkits and providing support on the implementation of practices and policies enabling youth participation.


Disability Thematic Network

This network brings together European philanthropic organisations of various sizes to exchange, learn and connect about any issue related to disability with an eye for intersectionality and mainstreaming disability within foundations’ work and programmes.



Arts and Culture Funders Forum

This network aims to help shape the future of cultural philanthropy and provide a forward-thinking environment for arts and culture funders in Europe to come together and work to reinforce the sector.


Research Forum

This platform is a unique space for knowledge exchange and one of only a few in Europe that allows for critical networking and deep diving into research and innovation funding practices by foundations.


We also work directly with members to incubate their ideas into new networks, projects and programmes. Using our own capacity and skills, we offer our members a safe space and support to connect them with the right partners to nurture their ideas into customised programmes and projects. Have an idea? Get in touch!


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