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We build our knowledge base on European philanthropy – in partnership with academics, researchers and experts – by surveying the work of philanthropy organisations, and identifying trends and issues affecting them, with the aim of helping to inform their strategic decision-making and connect them with peers and partners, as well as demonstrating to a range of stakeholders the impact, diversity and scale of the sector.



We enhance the skills and knowledge within the sector in a range of critical areas by supporting philanthropy organisations in reflecting upon and taking up impactful practices; keeping them up to date on emerging issues; and connecting them with peers around shared learning, with the aim of making these organisations and the sector more effective, ambitious, accountable and inclusive.



We forge and nurture connections, and facilitate collaboration, among philanthropy organisations through our networks, communities of practice and convenings to help them get inspired, act together and achieve greater impact –both individually and collectively – in the fields they work in.



We work towards an enabling operating environment for European philanthropy by monitoring and analysing policy and regulatory trends at national, European and international level, and engaging around this agenda with policymakers and other stakeholders. We position philanthropy as a key actor on societal issues and facilitate strategic engagement –including public-private partnerships – with EU institutions and other multilateral organisations to support philanthropy organisations in achieving their missions.



We tell the story of European philanthropy by using compelling, innovative and interactive communication to highlight both how it interacts with other societal players and what it delivers to communities across the continent. This paves the way for potential partners, policymakers and the wider public to better understand and connect with European philanthropy, which in turn supports our members and the broader sector in reaching their goals.



We help philanthropy organisations and partners explore and anticipate key drivers of social change and emerging challenges by providing access to strategic foresight and imagination practices; building on collective intelligence; and offering space for testing ideas in collaborative ways, with the aim of helping philanthropy to become future-proof and create positive change.

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