TIEPOLO – One-on-one skills development programme

The Tailor-made International Exchange Programme Offering Learning Opportunities (TIEPOLO) is a one-on-one exchange programme in which individual foundation staff can develop their skills by spending time working with a designated peer in another European foundation. The content of the programme is tailored to each participant’s particular interest and the type of specialised knowledge that they would like to further develop.

How long are the exchanges?

Tiepolists spend from 2 to 5 days at the host organisations.


Who is Tiepolo geared towards?

Foundation staff working for Philea members, from any area of work or level of experience.


What is the format?

Participants define a certain area of work they would like to learn more about and, in cooperation with the Philea, identify a foundation (Host Institution) that has expertise in the topic area. Tiepolists are partnered with an individual of similar professional background and responsibilities at the host institution.


How to apply as a TIEPOLIST or a host institution

To apply for the exchange programme, either as a TIEPOLIST or a host institution, please get in touch by email and let us know what areas you are interested in learning and exchanging about. A Philea staff member will get back to you about next steps.


Lucia Patuzzi
Senior Knowledge Development Manager
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