Organisational Development Community of Practice

This initiative has its roots in an informal peer-learning group set up by five foundations including Laudes, MAVA, Mercator Switzerland, Oak and PeaceNexus that provide organisational development (OD) support to their grantees. Their exchanges have been captured in the report: Funding Organisational Development: A smart investment to multiply impact. Based on the interest generated by these previous discussions and the resulting report, and wishing to extend the learning opportunities to a larger group of organisations, the five foundations decided to formalise their dialogue and embed it within the Philea network.

These five organisations will form the Steering Committee for the first year to get this working group going. Their role will be holding the space so others can join a conversation that is increasingly relevant at a time when the Covid pandemic is showing the importance of investing in organisational resilience and adaptation.


We aim to build a vibrant peer-learning community of foundations that are either already providing a form of OD and capacity-building support or are considering developing this as an explicit support to their grantees, in whatever form it may take (stand-alone, as a complement to other types of grants, in-kind contribution from foundation staff, etc.).

The community will create a safe space where philanthropy professionals can learn and explore the challenges of providing such support in an effective, measurable manner; and where they can discuss challenges internal to their own organisations. In this way we aim to advance the practice of organisational development in the philanthropic sector more broadly.


Daniel Spiers
Knowledge and Learning Officer
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