The Philea team are currently working on several initiatives with the aim of fostering dialogue and peer exchange between Philea members and relevant stakeholders, as well as empowering the European philanthropic sector.

Data on philanthropy – by us, for us

Philea, in collaboration with ERNOP, is launching a new webinar series to showcase some of the fascinating research from our members, celebrate their accomplishments, and offer the philanthropic community an inside look at these studies.

European Day of Foundations and Donors

Established in 2013, the annual European Day of Foundations and Donors showcases the role of the European philanthropy sector, and aims to raise public awareness about the value of philanthropy and encourage more giving and civic action.

European Philanthropy Coalition for Climate

We aim to foster a powerful movement for change by mobilising the philanthropy sector to address climate change as a cross-cutting, societal issue.

For a Climate of Change

In the face of the climate crisis, foundations can increase their impact by integrating the risks of climate change as well as the benefits of addressing climate change into their work, regardless of their mission. Together, we can create a Climate of Change.

Futures Philanthropy

The world is changing, so is philanthropy.

How do we think about tomorrow today? How can we formulate strategy in the face of uncertainty? How do we remain true to long-term planning, risk-taking and innovation in times of more challenging crises?

Futures Philanthropy is an invitation to think about tomorrow, today.


PEX is where the European philanthropy infrastructure meets. PEXcommunity was jointly co-created at the PEXforum 2020 in Madrid, the first Europe-wide event bringing together leaders and experts from national, regional and European philanthropy support organisations.

Philanthropy for Ukraine

We stand in solidarity with our members and all the people of Ukraine amidst the Russian government’s invasion into their lands. We stand with them in their efforts to support, and with those who defend, the full respect of international humanitarian law and protection of civilians and civil society, in Ukraine, in Russia, in Belarus and around the world.


Philanthropy is everywhere around us. It brings real value – to the individuals, communities, societies – in more ways that we even know. From one-off contributions, to major donors, to a few hours of someone’s time, together we can collaborate to improve circumstances facing our societies.

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