Philanthropic Leadership Platform

The Philanthropic Leadership Platform brings together senior and mid-level philanthropy professionals from Europe and other world regions to share with each other their knowledge, experience, creativity and concerns.

The Philanthropic Leadership Platform (PLP) is an international peer-learning programme bringing together senior and mid-level philanthropy professionals from Europe and other world regions who gather to enhance their leadership skills and insights about philanthropy by sharing with each other their knowledge, experience, creativity and concerns.

As the environments in which philanthropic organisations operate grow increasingly complex, new types of leadership with bespoke skills from diverse backgrounds are needed now more than ever. With the aim of contributing to the professionalisation of the philanthropic sector globally, the Philanthropic Leadership Platform enables participants to think across national and cultural boundaries to arrive at common solutions to internationally relevant challenges.



PLP is a peer-led leadership exchange programmes that brings together philanthropy practitioners from different global regions, gives a deep understanding of effective philanthropic leadership and explores the drivers of development in global philanthropy.



PLP is geared towards established leaders from philanthropic organisations. A PLP peer:

  • is an experienced professional in a senior/mid-level role in a philanthropic organisation.
  • has responsibility for at least one operational area and can illustrate achievements, experiences, initiatives they have worked on.
  • can demonstrate how their individual learnings from the PLP could be beneficial for the broader organisation.
  • works in an organization which has an active interest and/or ongoing programme on international collaboration.
  • is ready & willing to take an active part in the peer-exchange and share knowledge and expertise.


Programme benefits

  • Insights into global trends & traditions in philanthropy
  • Peer-learning on organisational know-how, theory & practice
  • Cross-cultural learning
  • Personal growth & networks: meaningful human encounters, community, broadened horizons, and new perspectives
  • Building social capital of trust, crucial for international cooperation
  • Identifying opportunities for collaboration within and across regions



Face to face exchange in Brussels and in partner country, complemented occasionally by online exchanges.



Philea collaborates with a local implementing partner knowledgeable and recognised for its role in the local philanthropy ecosystem. Together, we define a framework and broad programme outline. Peers have an active role in shaping the agenda, as the PLP is meant to be as significant as possible to practitioners’ daily practice. From the application phase, candidates are invited to express what they wish to bring to the fore in the exchange. This allows Philea and the partner to co-design a programme as tailored as possible to participants’ interests.

Philanthropic Leadership Platform: China-Europe

The Philanthropic Leadership Platform: China-Europe is an intensive, peer-led leadership development programme that brings together 20 philanthropy professionals from China and Europe for a period of 8 days to enhance their leadership skills by sharing their knowledge, experience, creativity and concerns with each other.


Yana Smith
Programme Officer
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