PEXprojects and Working Groups are at the heart of the PEXcommunity principles of collaboration and co-creation. From practice-oriented to theme-focussed discussions, the groups allow for regular exchange, learning, experimentation and action.

PEX Catalyst Infrastructure

explores how philanthropy infrastructure organisations could be catalysts of change and generate collective impact both within their constituencies and by acting together.

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Space on collaboration

facilitates deep reflection, learning and exchange around how to install the collaborative DNA needed for creating transformational change. Searching for the X-factor within PEX and beyond.

Racial Equity

focuses on the roots of racial injustice in Europe, and considering both programmatic and internal implications for philanthropy.

Apart from the existing thematic and practice-focussed working groups, the PEXcommunity explores a variety of topics, which generate knowledge and share understanding of the current state of play. We developed a series of knowledge & resources hubs in an open source, which are relevant to philanthropy support organisations in Europe. Our aim is to facilitate communication, information-sharing and collective thought in order to maximise the impact we can have as a sector.

Discover our knowledge hubs:

Next Philanthropy

Racial Equity & Philanthropy

COVID-19 & Philanthropy

Gender Equity and Justice & Philanthropy

Funding Practices


Hanna Stähle
Head of Foresight and Innovation
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