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Analysis - 30 January 2024

What did philanthropy talk about in 2023? Key insights from the 15 most popular Philea Opinion pieces

In this piece we have compiled key insights from the 15 most popular Opinions published by Philea in 2023 to shed light on issues that mattered most to philanthropic organisations.
Analysis - 18 October 2023

Exploring 21st century philanthropy

From May to August 2023, Philea conducted its first “Exploring 21st century philanthropy” survey with a wide range of organisations* representing philanthropy, civil society, academia, business, media and governments. The…
Analysis - 19 January 2023

Data dive into the cost of living crisis

Just as Europe is moving from emergency mode to recovery from devastating effects of COVID-19, the continent is now preparing for a new era of discontent brought on by a…
Analysis - 4 February 2022

Betwixt and between: Banking foundations bridging legacy and better futures, societal and market forces

In 2021 the EFC (now Philea) co-organised a couple of peer exchanges together with Nordea-Fonden to create a space for foundations of banking origin to share…