News - 19 December 2023

Philanthropy without borders: what are the drivers of generosity among the Swiss abroad?

Over the past three years, 93% of Swiss abroad gave gifts. Family philanthropic traditions as well as transparency are crucial drivers of this generosity. Solidarity is another key motivator. Organized and cross-border philanthropy is vital to enhancing impact and fostering ties between expatriates and Switzerland, as 10% live abroad. Amid global challenges, philanthropy plays a crucial role in addressing crises.
News - 15 December 2023

Boosting the social economy: Insights from the Spanish EU Presidency event in San Sebastian

The Spanish Presidency of the Council of the European Union made social economy and “building an economy at the service of people and the planet” one of its strategic priorities.
News - 9 November 2023

From Inequality to Instability

Rising income and wealth inequality in OECD countries during recent decades have attracted much discussion, even anxiety. It is a commonly expressed opinion that growing economic inequality is a major…
News - 17 October 2023

Philea Forum 2024

Philea Forum 2024   View the programme The Philea Forum 2024 will take place on 27-30 May…
News - 12 September 2023

European Network of Enterprise Foundations – How Can Enterprise Foundations Bring Value to Europe?

Register to attend The European Network of Enterprise Foundations will host “How Can Enterprise Foundations Bring Value to Europe?” on…
News - 7 September 2023

Intersectionality beyond the buzz

In the area of inequality, intersectionality has become a well-established framework used to analyse and work on the multidimensional nature of inequalities. The term was first coined by Black feminist…
News - 30 August 2023

WAPPP Round Table – Public – Private – Philanthropy Partnerships for People & Planet – Meet Pioneers of Transformative PPPPs

WAPPP and The Partnering Initiative will co-host a round table “Public – Private – Philanthropy Partnerships for People & Planet – Meet…
News - 13 July 2023

FOODPathS Funders Forum 2023

Philea and Fondazione Cariplo, working as affiliated partners within Work Package 3 of the FOODPathS project, will host the “FOODPathS Funders Forum…
News - 18 May 2023

A very European puzzle: balancing budgets and promoting growth

The Francisco Manuel dos Santos Foundation will host “A very European puzzle: balancing budgets and promoting growth” on 31 May in Brussels…
News - 18 May 2023

European Economic and Social Committee elects Oliver Röpke as its new President

“In these testing times, the support of civil society in gathering the voices of European citizens is key to building democratic resilience and shaping the future of Europe.” – Oliver…