News - 10 May 2023

Economic System Change: Boring Buzzwords or Vital New Frontier for Philanthropy?

On 10 October, Philea will organise “Economic System Change: Boring Buzzwords or Vital New Frontier for Philanthropy?”, the first in a series of standalone sessions on emerging issues and challenges…
News - 8 March 2023

Food, Fuel, and Fiat

What do the Collapse of the Old Kingdom of Egypt, the Warring States Period, and the UK Cost of Living Crisis all have in common? Political instability, environmental issues, and economic mismanagement. Although the specific contexts and causes differ, issues such as excessive government spending, natural disasters, and social unrest have led to the collapse of pharaonic power and the adoption of new systems.
News - 2 March 2023

Registration open for Philea Forum 2023

Registration is now open for the Philea Forum 2023 “A New Compass for Europe: Forged in Crisis, Forward in Hope” in Šibenik from 23 – 25 May, hosted by the…
News - 14 February 2023

Institutionalising Net-Zero Care

The climate crisis is an area that all foundations, irrespective of sector, should attempt to address in one way or another. At first glance, a foundation which focusses on the social welfare of the elderly doesn’t have an obvious entry-point for proactive work addressing climate issues. And yet, a warming climate, and heat in particular, has an outsized effect on poor, marginalised and vulnerable elderly.
News - 20 January 2023

Co-creating the Future of Europe in Difficult Times – EuroPhilantopics 2022

On 6 December, we opened the doors of Philanthropy House for EuroPhilantopics 2022, our flagship policy event. With the intent to strengthen the relationship between our sector and EU policymakers,…
News - 13 January 2023

The European Commission calls on foundations and the wider Social Economy to commit to digital and green transitions

On 14 November, the European Commission launched the Transition Pathway for Proximity and Social Economy. During the launch event, Commissioner Breton and MEP Patrizia Toia, Chair…
News - 11 January 2023

Funding real change is funding fully & flexibly to fight the starvation cycle

Despite civil society organisations being at the forefront of fighting the complex problems of our world, most of them suffer from financial instability. This is in part due to restricted funding. In 2022, Ariadne and EDGE Funders created the Funding For Real Change website to support funders in understanding the non-profit starvation cycle and offer a spectrum of tools for breaking it: from full indirect cost coverage to multi-year flexible funding.
News - 4 January 2023

Philea Forum 2023: Extended deadline for session proposals

As we understand that the holiday season can be a busy period and want to ensure that everyone has sufficient time to prepare, we extended the deadline for submitting…
News - 2 December 2022

Two new studies signal increased collaboration between philanthropy and the EU institutions

The European Investment Bank (EIB) and the European Commission Advisory Hub have recently published two key studies supporting a more enabling environment for our sector.
News - 21 November 2022

Call for session proposals for Philea Forum 2023

Philea has launched a call for session proposals for the Philea Forum 2023, hosted by the National Foundation for Civil Society Development – Croatia, in…