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Food, Fuel, and Fiat

What do the Collapse of the Old Kingdom of Egypt, the Warring States Period, and the UK Cost of Living Crisis all have in common? Political instability, environmental issues, and economic mismanagement. Although the specific contexts and causes differ, issues such as excessive government spending, natural disasters, and social unrest have led to the collapse of pharaonic power and the adoption of new systems. Read More

Institutionalising Net-Zero Care

The climate crisis is an area that all foundations, irrespective of sector, should attempt to address in one way or another. At first glance, a foundation which focusses on the social welfare of the elderly doesn’t have an obvious entry-point for proactive work addressing climate issues. And yet, a warming climate, and heat in particular, has an outsized effect on poor, marginalised and vulnerable elderly. Read More

Data dive into the cost of living crisis

Just as Europe is moving from emergency mode to recovery from devastating effects of COVID-19, the continent is now preparing for a new era of discontent brought on by a growing cost-of-living crisis. Inflationary pressure is becoming more persistent and broad-based. Funders are now turning their attention to how to… Read More