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Resilience: To be or not to be?

Resilience is the “‘buzzword’” of the moment in development, but how useful is it as a concept? PSJP’s discussions with practioners show that to be effective resilience strategies must build people’s agency and dignity, and their capacity to not just survive but to thrive in ways that they determine. Read More

Navigating the shifting terrain of race and migration in Europe

Philea’s Biray Bensu De Meulemeester dives into one of the sessions from the Philea Forum 2022, “Race and migration in Europe ‒ Navigating the shifting terrain”, by interviewing three of the speakers involved: Chrisann Jarrett, WeBelong; Esther Mamadou, Equinox; and Alyna Smith,… Read More

The value of Social Economy

Social economy organisations are entities that give priority to social and environmental objectives and reinvest most of their profits in themselves. In Europe, 2.8 million social economy organisations employ 13.6 million people and offer solutions to the main challenges facing our societies. These organisations cover a wide variety of sectors,… Read More