25 October 2023
Philanthropy House, Brussels

European Network of Enterprise Foundations – How Can Enterprise Foundations Bring Value to Europe?

The European Network of Enterprise Foundations will host “How Can Enterprise Foundations Bring Value to Europe?” on 25 October in Philanthropy House, Brussels.

Europe is facing complex challenges, including the energy and climate crisis, the war in Ukraine, the cost-of-living crisis, and the competitive geo-economic environment. In a rapidly evolving global landscape, re-gaining European strength is more important than ever.

The ongoing green and digital transformation can offer Europe new opportunities. This technological shift is strictly dependent on Europe´s capability of fostering research and innovation to secure new market opportunities, consumer services and benefits for the environment.

The event will explore opportunities for re-gaining Europe´s strength and debate the current and upcoming challenges with a focus on enterprise foundation´s contribution to European sustainable growth and will address pertinent questions relating to societal and health benefits, the green and digital transformation and the EU competitiveness, and how to advance solutions for integrated climate action.


Lucia Plantamura
Legal and Policy Officer