9 May 2024

The Compliance Conundrum: Navigating Risks in Funder-CSO Relationships

Catalyst 2030 will host “The Compliance Conundrum: Navigating Risks in Funder-CSO Relationships” online on 9 May to explore the journey of the Compliance Conundrum’ Collective in the context of funders.

In a rapidly evolving global landscape characterised by multiple, inter-connected and chronic crises, strong, trusted relationships between funding organisations and civil society are vital. Instead they can be complex, fraught with challenges and often rooted in a lack of trust. This proposal outlines a session aimed at dissecting and addressing these issues. The session seeks to foster an open, in-depth dialogue among selected funders, CSOs and sector infrastructure organisations, focusing on the nature of their interactions, perceptions of risk, and the persistent challenges that shape their relationships.