News - 13 March 2024

European Philanthropy Coalition for Climate – #PhilanthropyForClimate: Together for a Climate of Change

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News - 11 March 2024

The Chicago Commitment ‒ Cities of Tomorrow

As part of the “Cities of Tomorrow” series, Philea spoke with Tara Magner, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, to learn more about the origin…
News - 21 February 2024

Visualising climate justice: Representing the communities hit hardest by air pollution

Marginalised groups are often disproportionately affected by the climate crisis and air pollution. Philanthropies can support equitable representation of climate and social justice issues through photography that authentically portrays the people hit hardest by dirty air.
News - 19 February 2024

Registration opens for Philea Forum 2024

Registration is now open for the Philea Forum 2024 “Trust and Philanthropy” in Ghent from 27 – 30 May, hosted by a group of Belgian foundations, chaired by the King Baudouin Foundation.
News - 30 January 2024

Arts and Culture Funders Forum – European Philanthropy for a Just Triple Transition

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News - 22 January 2024

DK2020 Climate Initiative – Cities of Tomorrow

The DK2020 project is an easily replicable model for municipalities of all sizes to develop ambitious climate action plans through a facilitated peer-learning process. It is based on the Climate Action Planning Framework (CAPF) created by the C40 cities network and adapted to the Danish context. It has successfully engaged Danish municipalities, who have politically committed to develop, approve and implement climate action plans in full compliance with the Paris Agreement ambitions.
News - 15 January 2024

Funding climate storytelling: Behind the scenes of BBC StoryWorks’ ‘What the Ocean Reveals About Us’

This six-minute film 'What the Ocean Reveals About Us', produced by BBC StoryWorks for the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, explores the climate-health nexus to highlight humanity’s dependence on and deep connection to the ocean, and why healing the ocean is so important.
News - 10 January 2024

How local environmental journalism can help counter the Mediterranean marine conservation crisis

Increasing the frequency and quality of reporting on marine management issues is not just relevant for citizens, it also enhances the advocacy work of the NGOs active within this field. We believe stories and investigations can give civil society the tools and political momentum needed to exert pressure.
News - 15 December 2023

Boosting the social economy: Insights from the Spanish EU Presidency event in San Sebastian

The Spanish Presidency of the Council of the European Union made social economy and “building an economy at the service of people and the planet” one of its strategic priorities.
News - 17 November 2023

Decoding COP28: Key numbers that philanthropy needs to know

In the sea of climate change, numbers serve as more than mere statistics – they are beacons, at once both warning of the perils of the crisis we are facing and at the same time providing a course for the direction we must take. These numbers represent both threat and opportunity, as well as suggest the pivotal role philanthropy can play in helping to chart a more sustainable future course.