17 April 2024  -  18 April 2024
Zagreb, Croatia

Arts and Culture Funders Forum – European Philanthropy for a Just Triple Transition

The Arts and Culture Funders Forum will organise “European Philanthropy for a Just Triple Transition”, hosted by Kultura Nova Foundation in Zagreb, on 17-18 April, to explore how European foundations are taking action in support of the social, green, and digital transitions.

In an era marked by unprecedented global challenges and transformations, more than ever, citizens and communities are urged to join forces and find ways to come to terms with daunting shifts on all levels, which otherwise tend to isolate, fragment, and polarise societies. The triple transition encapsulates the shifts in social, digital, and environmental landscapes, creating a complex tapestry that demands innovative responses.

Through the lens of creativity, art challenges conventional thinking, allowing for the conception of alternative realities and novel solutions to complex problems. The imaginative landscapes crafted by art and cultural expressions foster innovation and inspire individuals to envision a future beyond existing boundaries. As such, arts and culture represent a crucial platform for innovation in the context of the triple transition, contributing to the transformative processes essential for addressing contemporary pressing issues.

The urgency of the challenges ahead requires a thriving arts and cultural field: if there seems to be consensus around the value of arts and culture, the fields’ financial distress and structural weaknesses call for a united approach in supporting the just triple transition, and leveraging the added value of public-private-philanthropic partnership and cross-border collaboration in Europe.  

We are calling upon all European funders actively supporting the triple transition to come together to:

  • Learn how European foundations are taking actions in support of the social, green, and digital transitions.
  • Discover the City of Zagreb via place-based experiences led by progressive artists and cultural civil society organisations, supported by Kultura Nova Foundation around the social, green, and digital transitions.
  • Network with other art and cultural funders in a forward-thinking and safe space and explore opportunities based on common or complementary interests.
  • Engage, shape, and reinforce the first platform of European arts and cultural funders willing to act as sole reference point for mutual learning, collaboration, advocacy and joint action.


Ilaria d’Auria
Head of Programmes – Thematic Collaborations