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Let’s talk about hope: Why we need a new story on climate

Curbing the climate crisis requires a systemic transformation that touches people in every area of their lives. A transition of this scale requires, above all, an answer to the question “What for?” However, our discourse on climate rarely envisions the world we want to build. A plea for more hope and imagination. Read More

German Foundation Congress 2022

The Bundesverband Deutscher Stiftungen will organise the German Foundation Congress on 28-30 September in Leipzig, looking at “Foundations – Shaping the future sustainably“. Foundations have a special potential to use their work to promote sustainability and a responsibility to implement this in… Read More

How philanthropy can drive people-centred climate action

In all of the critical talk about fossil fuels and low carbon technologies, it is easy to forget that people are central to the climate change issue. People cause it, people suffer from it, people make policy good and bad, and to see real progress people have to be persuaded to prioritise climate change among their many other pressing concerns. Kat Wilcox, Climate Outreach, highlights some important considerations for philanthropy. Read More