News - 7 October 2022

InvestEU solutions for a better Europe – A masterclass for foundations

The European Investment Fund, in partnership with Philea and EVPA, will hold an information session on the InvestEU for foundations and philanthropic…
News - 6 October 2022

Clean Air: Are Funders Missing a Golden Opportunity?

Terms like “win-win” and “game-changers” get thrown around with increasing ease, but tackling air pollution really does live up to the label. Toxic air is a universal health problem – 99% of the world’s population breathes air that breaches the World Health Organization’s air quality guidelines.
News - 4 October 2022

European Environmental Funders Group – Fair Ecological Transitions: How Can Philanthropy Strengthen the Process?

Register to attend The European Environmental Funders Group will host its autumn meeting exploring “Fair Ecological Transitions: How Can…
News - 6 September 2022

Responsible grantmaking at the intersection of climate justice and digital rights

The science is clear: We are living in a climate crisis. We need to rapidly change to a more just and sustainable society. As a digital rights funders coalition, we…
News - 5 September 2022

European Day of Foundations and Donors 2022

This year’s campaign theme – Solidarity, Unity, Impact – aims to shine a light on the power of solidarity and unity within our sector and its potential to tackle the…
News - 18 August 2022

EESC presses for empowerment of European civil society in EU policy design

In the framework of the 2023 European Commission work programme, the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) has called for empowering European civil society and involving…
News - 11 July 2022

Let’s talk about hope: Why we need a new story on climate

Curbing the climate crisis requires a systemic transformation that touches people in every area of their lives. A transition of this scale requires, above all, an answer to the question “What for?” However, our discourse on climate rarely envisions the world we want to build. A plea for more hope and imagination.
News - 8 July 2022

Philea launches call for data for latest mapping of European environmental funding

Philea’s European Environmental Funders Group has launched a call for data for the latest edition of its environmental funding mapping, building upon the success of…
News - 4 July 2022

German Foundation Congress 2022

The Bundesverband Deutscher Stiftungen will organise the German Foundation Congress on 28-30 September in Leipzig, looking at “Foundations – Shaping the future…
News - 16 June 2022

EEFG Webinar Series – The Just Ecological Transition – Working on the intersection between environment and society

EEFG Webinar Series – The Just Ecological Transition – Working on the intersection between environment and society The European Environmental Funders Group (EEFG) will host the second webinar…