27 May 2024
Ghent, Belgium

European Philanthropy Coalition for Climate – #PhilanthropyForClimate: Together for a Climate of Change

The European Philanthropy Coalition for Climate will organise “#PhilanthropyForClimate: Together for a Climate of Change” on 27 May, just before the Philea Forum 2024, bringing together, for the first time, various signatories of the #PhilanthropyForClimate commitments.

We believe that all foundations and philanthropic organisations, regardless of their mission, can and should commit to meaningful climate action. The #PhilanthropyForClimate movement brings together foundations who, despite differing in size, mission area, and geographic location, share a commitment to climate action. To meet the scale, complexity and urgency of the crisis, we need to learn from and with each other.

Our aim is to uplift our collective commitment to climate action, facilitate the exchange of diverse perspectives, and bolster support for implementation, laying a foundation for sustained engagement and impactful collaborations.

This gathering is open to all signatories of a #PhilanthropyForClimate commitment including deklaracja organizacji społecznych na rzecz klimatu, the Coalition Française des Fondations pour le Climat, Fundaciones por el Clima, Filantropia per il Clima, the Funder Commitment on Climate Change and the International Philanthropy Commitment on Climate Change.

Limited spaces are available for other interested foundations and national associations.


Karalyn Gardner
Programme Manager – Climate Coalition