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News - 12 April 2018

Third Joint Conference of the EFC European Foundation Financial Investment Officers Group (EFFIO) & US Foundation Financial Officers Group (FFOG)

The third joint conference of the EFC European Foundation Financial Investment Officers Group (EFFIO) & US Foundation Financial Officers Group (FFOG) took place from 4-6 April 2018 at the …
News - 15 February 2018

How do the proposed VAT reforms impact on institutional philanthropy?

At the beginning of the year, the European Commission developed a proposal to reform the VAT system by introducing more flexibility for Member States to change the VAT rates. It…
News - 16 January 2018

New study: Enlarging the space for european philanthropy

The operating environment for institutional philanthropy in parts of Europe is under threat. Therefore DAFNE and EFC are launching today  the commissioned…
News - 16 January 2018

Enlarging the Space for European Philanthropy

DAFNE and EFC embarked on an initiative to explore what are the legal, fiscal and administrative obstacles that restrict the space for philanthropy.  Initially this involved consultation with members and…
News - 7 September 2017

The 4Cs – A Practical Guide

The 4Cs is a planning and evaluation framework designed specifically for organisations that offer professional support to the philanthropy field.  It was developed by DAFNE and WINGS…
News - 2 June 2017

EFC Warsaw Declaration: Philanthropic Alliance for Solidarity and Democracy in Europe

During the Closing Plenary of the EFC’s 2017 Annual General Assembly and Conference, EFC Chair Ewa Kulik-Bielińska read out the Warsaw Declaration to delegates concerning a new Philanthropic…
News - 2 June 2017

Massimo Lapucci (Fondazione CRT) elected new chair of the European Foundation Centre

Massimo Lapucci, Secretary General of Fondazione CRT, is the new Chair of the European Foundation Centre (EFC), based in Brussels. Lapucci, who takes up the position…
News - 1 October 2016

Number of Registered Public Benefit Foundations in Europe Exceeds 147,000

Data compiled by the Donors and Foundations Networks in Europe (DAFNE) and analysed by Foundation Center (New York) indicates that there are more than 147,000 registered “public benefit foundations” in Europe, with combined annual expenditures of nearly 60 billion euro.
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