30 January 2019

Foundation Center and Guidestar merge to become Candid

The Foundation Center has announced a merger with GuideStar, an electronic database nonprofits, to form a new nonprofit organisation known as Candid.

EFC Member The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which has been the largest philanthropic supporter of the Foundation Center and GuideStar, has made a four-year, $16 million grant to Candid to cover costs associated with the merger and general operating support.

According to Candid, “As Foundation Center and GuideStar, we give millions access to the data, analysis, and tools they need to understand the nonprofit world and contribute to it. We have a combined 88 years of history. As Candid, we’ll be able to combine our resources and knowledge to offer even more. We’ll create more comprehensive datasets and develop brand-new insights. Plus we’ll experience the momentum that comes with a new beginning. Together, we’ll have the capacity to ask and answer questions in ways we couldn’t alone.”

Read more on the Candid website