18 February 2019

Take part in a survey on GDPR and how it has impact civil society organisations

Open Society Foundations (OSF) and Data Protection Support & Management (DPSM) have launched a survey to investigate the impact that GDPR has had upon civil society organisations (CSOs) and grant-making organisations.

The investigation comes as the one year anniversary of the implementation of GDPR approaches, and seeks to understand the difficulties and issues that the regulation is causing for CSO’s worldwide. The survey data will be utilised in a report examining these impacts and providing guidance to CSOs and funders on those data protection issues they have struggled to get to grips with.

The survey is open to all CSOs and funders and is particularly interested in the experiences of both funders and CSOs working on issues related to social justice, democracy and human rights, as these sectors tend to have been hardest hit by the clampdown on civil society.

The survey takes approximately 15 minutes to complete and expires on the 28th February.

To take part visit here.