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Changemakers for Children

Changemakers for Children is an interactive platform created by the RISE Learning Network to facilitate exchange between child rights practitioners and encourage peer learning and shared problem solving. The RISE Learning Network is a hub of organisations working with children and adolescents… Read More

Girls’ Education in Fragile Contexts

The Aga Khan Foundation UK is hosting an online conference on 31 March exploring the topic of ‘Girls’ Education in Fragile Contexts’. The conference will bring together donors, ministries, and civil society organisations for a series of sessions to discuss the key… Read More

Displaced and disrupted, but not deserted

This blog was originally published on the Porticus website. Over the last seven months, we’ve seen COVID-19 disrupting education all over the world, but especially for displaced learners. As we continue to understand and navigate the effects of COVID-19 on our partners and the… Read More