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Future Chair

Future Chair is one of Assifero's flagship initiatives for its 20th anniversary. The project looks to the future by focusing on intergenerational dialogue and the participation and involvement of young people in the decision-making processes of foundations and philanthropic organisations. Read More

Future Chair – tomorrow starts today

There comes a time when individuals and organisations come to realise that they have to change themselves if they want to change the world. Inner transformation can be hard, uncomfortable work but also fulfilling and rewarding. It is not only the "what" that matters here, but the "how" and "why". Read More

Making Youth Engagement Practical

The power of youth engagement cannot be underestimated. At the Philea Forum 2023, young people from Kenya, Croatia, Turkey, and Ukraine captivated the audience with their compelling statements on how philanthropy can create a better world for young people. They called on philanthropy to create an enabling environment that… Read More

Philea Forum 2023

Philea Forum 2023 The Philea Forum 2023 will take place in Šibenik from 23- 25 May, hosted by the National Foundation for Civil Society Development – Croatia. If you don’t know in which direction you are sailing, then no… Read More