News - 19 February 2024

Registration opens for Philea Forum 2024

Registration is now open for the Philea Forum 2024 “Trust and Philanthropy” in Ghent from 27 – 30 May, hosted by a group of Belgian foundations, chaired by the King Baudouin Foundation.
News - 31 January 2024

Children and Youth Network – How to Involve Children and Youth in Your Work: Module 1: How to Develop a Youth Advisory Board

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News - 6 December 2023

Challenges and opportunities for museums and schools in the digital era

In many ways, museums and schools in the West have followed a similar evolution since the 19th century. Just as museums have evolved from sanctuaries centred around the conservation of precious objects to centres for education and leisure, the expectations for school education are shifting towards a more holistic pedagogy focusing on the famous "21st-century skills". Museums and schools are increasingly expected to be more adaptive to individuals, relevant to their social context, inclusive and sustainable.
News - 14 November 2023

The movers of tomorrow

Young adults in Europe have great concerns about the future. Eight out of ten question whether their generation should have children. Although many believe their country will do more to…
News - 7 November 2023

Youth, democracy and the weight of expectation

With the scars of the war all around, Sarajevo was a symbolic location for KoneKtor 2023. Bringing together a diverse crowd of Central and Eastern European funders and civil society…
News - 17 October 2023

Philea Forum 2024

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News - 10 October 2023

Exhibition – Child Nation – Growing Up in Italy

Philanthropy House will host the “Child Nation – Growing Up in Italy” exhibition from 17 October 2023 to 12 January 2024. “Child Nation – Growing up in Italy” by…
News - 1 October 2023

Trust in the future – looking ahead to a philanthropic world in transition

Brieuc Van Damme, who has been CEO of King Baudouin Foundation for a little over a year, sat down with Philea's CEO Delphine Moralis to discuss key issues for the sector as it marks the European Day of Foundations on 1 October.
News - 3 July 2023

Future Chair – tomorrow starts today

There comes a time when individuals and organisations come to realise that they have to change themselves if they want to change the world. Inner transformation can be hard, uncomfortable work but also fulfilling and rewarding. It is not only the "what" that matters here, but the "how" and "why".
News - 3 July 2023

Making Youth Engagement Practical

The power of youth engagement cannot be underestimated. At the Philea Forum 2023, young people from Kenya, Croatia, Turkey, and Ukraine captivated the audience with their compelling statements on…