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The arts and philanthropy: A perspective from the Global South

The two key fault lines in the world today are inequality and culture: inequality with regard to who has economic, political, military and cultural power; and culture meaning the different value systems, world views, beliefs and ways in which individuals and communities make meaning and identity for themselves and in… Read More

Philanthropy investing in arts and culture for public good

In a rapidly changing world where arts and culture face unprecedented challenges, collaboration has become imperative for foundations seeking to create a meaningful and sustainable contribution to cultural development and society. By working collectively, foundations could leverage their unique strengths, share insights, and pool resources to tackle complex issues that no single philanthropic institution can address alone. Read More

Arts and culture at the core of philanthropy

Although the arts can’t fix high energy prices or missiles raining down on innocent civilians, they are very much part of these struggles and transitions – helping people to make sense, to respond and to campaign. Read More

The Power of Participation and Collaboration in Arts and Culture

Participation and collaboration have long been critical components of art and culture, but their significance is more evident now than ever before. In light of the unprecedented challenges that the world is currently facing, the arts hold the potential to inspire and instigate positive change. Read More


Fondazione 1563, in partnership with the National Museum of Italian Judaism and the Shoah, will present the REMEMBR-HOUSE project on 28 February in Ferrara, Italy, aiming to deepen the reflection on the Holocaust as a mean of building citizen awareness. The project involves the use of… Read More