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Art as an engine of technological and social innovation

The relationship between art and technology has always been the result of our co-evolution with the environment. In the context of rapid technological change, it is at the nexus of art, science and society that people and organisations can respond to the uncertainty of our times in unexpected and innovative ways. Read More

CaixaForum+ – access to culture for all

The ‘la Caixa’ Foundation has opened their newest CaixaForum location, though this time, its online. CaixaForum+ will provide all the culture and science of CaixaForum, at your fingertips, and comprise a large catalogue of video and podcast content for all generations and for… Read More

Art of Fundamental Rights

Philanthropy House welcomes its new exhibition “Art of Fundamental Rights” by Nyt Europa from 1 December to 1 July 2023, consisting of seven artworks by professional artists from across Europe, each interpreting the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights through different art forms. Over time, art… Read More

Philea Forum 2023

Philea Forum 2023 The Philea Forum 2023 will take place in Šibenik from 23- 25 May, hosted by the National Foundation for Civil Society Development – Croatia. If you don’t know in which direction you are sailing, then no… Read More

Arts and Culture for a Climate of Change

Cultural crisis An ecological crisis represents a global cultural emergency. Thus, the cultural sector should take concrete action. Responsibility for counteraction and prevention of catastrophic effects of climate change require the recalibration of crucial functions, meanings, and contestations that define arts and culture. In parallel, with their powerful role in… Read More

Time for risktakers: The new Allianz Foundation gets to work

The Allianz Umweltstiftung and the Allianz Kulturstiftung will now be one. The two renowned foundations are joining forces in order to fulfil their mission even better: sustainably improving living conditions for present and future generations. We asked Esra Kücük, CEO of the new foundation, about the reasons for the integration and the strategic approach. Read More