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The team, Evens Foundation
Opinions - 29 April 2022

Difference Day

At this point in the history of Europe, it is more important than ever that we can rely on journalists to tell the stories we need to hear, to reveal the truths behind the crises we are facing – from war to environmental collapse.
Sheetal Vyas
Founding Executive Director, International Fund for Public Interest Media
Opinions - 29 April 2022

Preventing media extinction – next steps from the International Fund for Public Interest Media

As we mark World Press Freedom Day, Sheetal Vyas, outlines progress in creating a major new global fund designed to scale up an effective response and how philanthropy provides an essential part of ensuring its success.
Katja Fausser
Programme Director of EUSTORY, Körber-Stiftung
Gabriele Woidelko
Head of the History and Politics Department, Körber-Stiftung
Opinions - 28 April 2022

History at War

When Russia invaded Ukraine on 24 February, and thus started the first full-fledged war against an independent nation state in Europe since the end of WWII, another war had already been going on for a long time.
Delphine Moralis
Incoming CEO, Philea
Opinions - 4 April 2022

Two years on, still not making drama out of crises

How do we make lessons from the past two years be part of a sustainable reset, a roadmap to recovery for something healthier, more equal, and more inclusive?
Isabelle Schwarz
Head of Public Policy, European Cultural Foundation
Opinions - 4 April 2022

War in Europe: What can philanthropy do?

When it comes to war in Europe, what can philanthropy do? The short answer is: quite a lot.
Ignacio Packer
Executive Director, International Council of Voluntary Agencies - ICVA
Opinions - 1 April 2022

Join the dots and fill the gaps

Six key priorities on working in response to the Ukrainian crisis, shaped by and accountable to crisis-affected populations.
Annegret Wulff
Managing Director, MitOst
Opinions - 31 March 2022

The Role of Philanthropy in Crises

In this darkest time of war, we feel a strong call to help and support, to #standwithukraine. This war is an attack of the Russian army on Ukraine. And this…
Mihaela Giurgiu
Peer-learning Expert, ECFI
Opinions - 28 March 2022

Community philanthropy, or what it means to be a good neighbour in times of war

Despite not being trained for it, when your house is on fire your neighbours are the closest and fastest help available.
Hanna Stähle
Opinions - 24 March 2022

Human lives vs. state interests: Why we need a feminist foreign policy to ensure lasting peace and stability

“Sometimes I feel afraid, but my work gives me strength. I want to stay in Ukraine and support civil society in the best possible ways,” says Eugenia Mazurenko, CEO of…
Lourdes Márquez
Social and International Relations, Fundación ONCE
Opinions - 9 March 2022

The value of Social Economy

Social economy organisations are entities that give priority to social and environmental objectives and reinvest most of their profits in themselves. In Europe, 2.8 million social economy organisations employ 13.6…
Georgia Efremova
Directorate-General for Economic and Financial Affairs, European Commission
Opinions - 28 February 2022

Philanthropy in the EU: Giving Europe a brighter future, together

Philanthropy is an integral part of the social economy landscape in Europe. The European Commission’s recently published Social Economy Action Plan gives a new impetus to the strategic engagement…
Ilaria d'Auria
Opinions - 7 February 2022

Thematic Networks: reshaping ambitions, rethinking collaboration

Foundations always had numerous opportunities to come together at the EFC, one of the most important being via the Thematic Networks. Together with the Communities of Practice and…
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