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Isabel Peñalosa
Director of Institutional Relations, Consulting and Communication, Asociación Española de Fundaciones
Opinions - 29 June 2022

A decade after the Stauffer and Persche cases, how has cross-border philanthropy changed in Spain?

In 2014, following the ruling of the European Court of Justice, the European Commission initiated an infringement procedure against Spain (N. 20134086) aiming at clarifying whether Spanish legislation on tax…
Camilla Della Giovampaola
PhD Candidate in International History and Politics and Teaching Assistant, The Geneva Graduate Institute
Giuseppe Ugazio
Edmond de Rothschild Foundations Chaired Assistant Professor in Behavioural Philanthropy, Geneva Finance Research Institute, University of Geneva.
Opinions - 28 June 2022

Empowering philanthropy to lead the ethical and inclusive AI revolution

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly ubiquitous in our lives and societies: We use it to plan our trips, buy groceries and even to find peers. Having now reached sophisticated levels…
Luis Manuel Pinto
Director for Programmes and Learning, Learning for Well-being Foundation
Opinions - 8 June 2022

Mapping the Journey of Child and Youth Participation in Philanthropy

Despite the challenges brought on by the pandemic, recently we have seen important support for children’s participation rights by major international agencies. The European Commission, the Council of Europe and…
Kat Wilcox
Fundraising Lead, Climate Outreach
Opinions - 8 June 2022

How philanthropy can drive people-centred climate action

In all of the critical talk about fossil fuels and low carbon technologies, it is easy to forget that people are central to the climate change issue. People cause it, people suffer from it, people make policy good and bad, and to see real progress people have to be persuaded to prioritise climate change among their many other pressing concerns. Kat Wilcox, Climate Outreach, highlights some important considerations for philanthropy.
Delphine Moralis
Chief Executive Officer, Philea
Opinions - 7 June 2022

We can be the change we want to see #WhenWeUnite

Like an ocean, philanthropy surrounds us in our daily lives. Sometimes you see the waves, perhaps sometimes a storm, and more often than not there are currents which remain invisible yet which keep things moving forward. I’m not sure any of us could count each occasion when philanthropy has intersected our lives, for often it passes us by without us noticing.
Gerison Lansdown
International Children’s Rights Specialist
Opinions - 7 June 2022

“I may not know my rights, but you don’t know my life.”

In too many countries, and across too many communities, the issues that are afforded attention, as well as the means of addressing them, are decided by those in positions of…
Alison Body
Senior Lecturer in Philanthropic Studies & Social Policy, University of Kent
Opinions - 26 May 2022

Care about the future of philanthropy? Then engage children in philanthropic decision making

Philanthropy plays a fundamental role in civil society, with children and young people globally being one of the most common beneficiaries of philanthropic gifts. Yet children’s voices are all too…
Jon Watts
CFO and Executive Director Organisational Development, Childrens’ Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF)
Opinions - 13 May 2022

Strategic priorities for operations in grantmaking philanthropy

HR, Legal, Finance and Technology functions comprise the indispensable operating platform on which charitable foundations depend. Since change and operational performance in philanthropies isn’t driven by competition, as it is in…
Lars Grotewold
Head of Climate Action, Stiftung Mercator
Opinions - 2 May 2022

#PhilanthropyForClimate: Be bold, be fast, think big

Climate change is the crisis of our time. Bending current emissions trajectories is the central task to achieve climate neutrality. This requires enhanced action and cooperation in and across all societal sectors on a global scale. Looking at recent developments in the philanthropy sector reinforces my hope that we can achieve this.
Vera Móra
Director, Hungarian Environmental Partnership Foundation
Opinions - 29 April 2022

Civil society under populist rule: perspectives and hopes

Democracy and civil society have a two-way relationship.
Aude Anquetil
Ecosystems Development Coordinator, WINGS
Opinions - 29 April 2022

Shifting funding practices: leaning into our collective power

A few weeks ago, Philea hosted an event bringing together philanthropy networks, practitioners, social movements, researchers, advocates and nonprofit leaders to think about what the philanthropic field could look like if funding practices shifted to better meet the challenges of our time.
Caroline Paulick-Thiel
Director, Politics for Tomorrow
Opinions - 29 April 2022

What if … philanthropy jumpstarts a new digital currency for ecological regeneration? Investing in ecology and longevity by new means

What if … a network of philanthropic organisations join forces to turn capital into capability against climate breakdown? Combining previous concepts from war bonds and digital currencies could be the most comprehensive move for philanthropy this century – following the science whilst leading the way for policy makers and society.
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