Journalism Funders Forum

This unique, peer-learning platform is the only space in Europe where funders can engage in an interactive and proactive manner around the issue of independent, quality journalism and its role in supporting democracy. It provides an entry point for funders new to the field, and a pathway for philanthropy to drive the agenda on independent journalism funding in Europe.


We believe that independent and investigative journalism is crucial to foster thriving democracies in Europe. We envision a field that serves the public interest, commits to accountability as well as transparency, and contributes to critical thinking and a well-informed public opinion.


  • Independent and investigative journalism
  • Encouraging new funders in the field
  • AI and Big Tech


  • Improving learning opportunities and knowledge about journalism funding across the continent.
  • Diversifying and increasing the number of journalism funders in Europe, as well as fostering connections between them.
  • Helping build a more effective, transparent and equitable funding environment for journalism in Europe.

Specific activities include:

  • An annual in-person gathering where funders can meet, exchange, find partners for collaboration, and learn about trends in the field
  • Four webinars throughout the year
  • Attending panels at conferences and online gatherings of other networks with the goal of raising awareness of the need to fund journalism and how to do this in a responsible and effective manner
  • Bimonthly newsletter aimed at funders, with a different guest writer/author each time
  • Dedicated website

Visit the Journalism Funders Forum website

How to engage

Join the Steering Committee

This core group of members collaboratively shapes and implements the work plan, making sure that ambitions and resources align.

Criteria to join:

  • Philea members and non-members (not re-granters)
  • An interest or expertise in journalism
  • Commitment to contribute human and financial resources

Join the Community

Philea members, including national associations, and non-members (not re-granters) that are known to fund journalism or have indicated an interest in doing so may join this broader community. In practice, these organisations will be part of a mailing list and receive updates on activities of the network directly from the Programme Lead.

Some activities are also open to non-member foundations, NGOs and other relevant stakeholders supporting or interested in journalism issues. This layer will be reached via the general Philea newsletters, the event calendar on the Philea website and social media.

Non-funders are consulted for their expertise on the sector, which helps us understand the needs of the sector and shape our activities. Non-funders may also be speakers at JFF events.