Gender Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Network

This network is the place to be for Philea members seeking to advance gender equality in their programmes and operations or to learn more about aligning the values of diversity, equity and inclusion in philanthropic practices. It offers an opportunity to collaborate and partner with individuals and organisations sharing these values and vision, leveraging the collective resources, expertise and influence of the members to achieve greater impact.

Initial Gender Mainstreaming Assessment


Our vision is for philanthropy to systematically embrace gender equality in its practices so that we, as foundations, can better meet the needs and interests of those we seek to assist; tackle the wide range of issues we address in more coherent and equitable ways; and thus increase our impact. By applying a gender lens and striving for gender equality we aim not only for people of all genders to have equal rights, responsibilities and opportunities but also for more equitable, just and sustainable societies.


  • Gender equality, referring to the equal rights, responsibilities and opportunities of women and men and girls and boys
  • Mainstreaming gender equality within foundations
  • Intersectionality as a lens in philanthropy organisations and their work


Leveraging the multiplier potential of philanthropic organisations at both European and national level, we support foundations who want to become more effective by applying an intersectional gender lens to their practices and organisations. We do this by:

  • Sharing knowledge and practices to facilitate exchange of information between foundations on approaches, methodologies and tools linked to advancing gender equality.
  • Increasing visibility and influence to raise the profile of gender equality as an issue and increase philanthropy’s collective influence in this area, with the aim of helping to create a supportive environment for gender equality initiatives and encourage greater investment in this area.
  • Networking and developing relationships to build a supportive community of like-minded organisations through networking opportunities at European level.
  • Collaborating towards joint action to achieve greater impact by organising joint research projects, training programmes, exchanges with other funders’ collaboratives hosted by Philea, or by identifying funding opportunities that can help Philea’s community to further develop their gender equality efforts.

How to engage

Join the Steering Committee

This core group of members collaboratively shapes and implements an inspiring work plan, making sure that ambitions and resources align. Two Steering Committee members co-chair on a rotating basis, acting as a reference point for the Philea Secretariat.

Any Philea member with an interest and expertise in gender equality, along with a commitment to contribute human and financial resources, may join the Steering Committee.

Join the Community

All Philea members can join the network and participate in the activities organised by the Steering Committee.

Participate in network activities

All Philea members, including Associate Members, can:

  • Participate in the network’s events and meetings
  • Interact and engage with other network members
  • Provide feedback on the organised activities
  • Participate in some activities (such as the peer-learning programme), including as speakers

Participation by non-Philea members is assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Steering Committee (Co-Chairs, ‘la Caixa’ Foundation and Fondation Chanel)

“la Caixa” Foundation
Calala Women’s Fund
Fondation Chanel
King Baudouin Foundation
Laudes Foundation
Open Society Foundations
Sabanci Foundation


Letizia Manzoni
Programme Manager – Equality Collaborations
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