Funders International Network for Development

This platform is a unique EU-based funders’ collaborative focusing on new trends and challenges in the field of international cooperation. It focuses on peer-learning among foundation representatives working in the field on topics such as impact assessment, partnership building, and new funding instruments. It strives to shift mindsets and challenges cultural approaches to the practice by fostering inspirational conversations with lawyers, artists and creativity pioneers on words such as localisation, decolonisation and justice. It engages in EU advocacy by fostering the dialogue with the European Commission on International Partnerships.

Funders International Network for Development Commits to Supporting Locally-Led Development


Our vision is for philanthropy to create pathways for horizontal, reciprocal and human-centred partnerships for effective development cooperation at global level.


  • Horizontal, reciprocal and human-centred partnerships for effective development cooperation
  • Emerging trends, paradigm shifts, new financial tools and funding approaches for locally led development
  • Questioning power balance and colonial approaches of philanthropy in global partnerships


We offer a platform for foundations aiming at becoming more effective and impactful in building global partnerships with development actors by:

Sharing expertise through peer-learning: Foundations with an expertise in investing for sustainable development in majority-world countries can come together and learn about emerging trends, shifting paradigms, new financial tools and funding approaches as well as forms of partnerships.

Speaking as one voice in the EU dialogue on International Partnerships: When relevant, we come together as European foundations to jointly contribute to initiatives driven by the European institutions on the Global Gateway, in alignment with the four recommendations of the European Philanthropy Manifesto.

Collaborating towards joint action: We foster collaboration opportunities to achieve greater impact by organising, for example, joint calls and programmes based on trust-based relationships that are nourished by our common work within the funders’ collaborative.

How to engage

Join the Steering Committee

This core group of members collaboratively shapes and implements an inspiring work plan, making sure that ambitions and resources align. One foundation chairs the committee on a rotating basis of two years, acting as a reference point for the Philea Secretariat. A co-chair could be considered, which would then take the lead after two years. Any foundation member of Philea with an interest or expertise in development cooperation, along with a commitment to contribute human and financial resources, may join.

Join the community

All Full Philea members can participate in the activities organised by the Steering Committee, Philea’s Associate Members with an interest or expertise in development cooperation may provide their profiles and present their views as speakers during relevant modules of the peer-learning journeys or other events, and could be set up as a sounding board and consulted on an ad hoc basis.

Participate in network activities

All Philea members, including Associate Members, can:

  • Participate in the network’s events and meetings, when not dedicated to foundations’ only
  • Interact and engage with other network members
  • Provide feedback on the organised activities
  • Participate in some activities (such as the peer-learning programme), including as speakers

Participation by non-Philea members is assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Steering Committee (Co-Chair, “la Caixa” Foundation and Co-Chair, Anglo American Foundation)

“la Caixa” Foundation
Anglo American Foundation
AVSI Foundation
Chiesi Foundation
Conrad N. Hilton Foundation
Fondation de France
Fondazione Cariplo
Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo
Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian
King Baudouin Foundation