• Launch of Philea

    Two major European philanthropy associations to converge into one united voice for the sector
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  • Comparative Highlights of Foundation Laws

    The 2021 “Comparative Highlights of Foundation Laws” provides a broad, comparative overview of the diverse legal and fiscal environments of foundations – across 40 countries – as well as identifies relevant trends and developments.
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  • Virtual Library

    Philea curates this publicly-available, fully-searchable collection of more than 1,000 free-to-download publications on philanthropy and foundations.
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Philea nurtures a diverse and inclusive ecosystem of foundations, philanthropic organisations and networks working for the common good. We help our members to get inspired, act together and achieve greater impact by sharing data and knowledge, exchanging best practices, connecting around common themes, engaging in policy work, and more.

Cross-cutting Themes


We are now well into the 10-year countdown to slow the warming of our planet. In this decisive decade, actions taken by markets, governments and citizens will determine liveability on our planet for the next century.


Democracies across the world have faced unprecedented challenges in recent years ‒ from narrowing civic space, to curtailment of freedom and equality, to the spread of misinformation.


Philea members have pointed to striving for equality as an urgent issue that must be addressed by philanthropy now and in the coming years. Rising economic inequality has exacerbated virtually all of the problems philanthropy works on.
Latest News & Opinions
Biray Bensu De Meulemeester
Opinions28 January 2022

280 – 217 – 01.07

The title of this article consists of numbers ‒ simple numbers, however, with deeper and sadder meanings. According to the annual report published by a women’s…
Annie Hillar
Co-Director, Gender Funders CoLab
Debora Guidetti
Senior European Programme Manager, Ariadne – European Funders for Social Change and Human Rights
Opinions28 January 2022

The Human Rights Grantmaking Principles: a tool to transform philanthropy

As a field, human rights funding aims to move money to those working to protect and advance human rights. Yet, among funders who share that value, funding practices do not…
Giedre Lideikyte-Huber
Senior Lecturer, Geneva Centre for Philanthropy
Opinions28 January 2022

Unexpected parallels between philanthropy and taxation

At first sight, taxation and philanthropy have little in common. Whereas taxation is a coercive mechanism, through which states levy revenue and then reallocate it according their policy objectives, philanthropy…
André Wilkens
Director, European Cultural Foundation
Opinions28 January 2022

The Future Is Now

Crises times are also times of possibilities, invention and opportunities. Solutions to problems which would often take years can now be taken in days. Such as the Eurobond funded EU Recovery plan. How will European philanthropy use the opportunities of our times to contribute to a better Europe?
News21 January 2022

Discovering Data Trusts with the Data Science Group

The first Data Science Talk of 2022 took place on the 14 January and zoomed in on the topic of Data Trusts. The data environment has power imbalances and this…
Javier Nadal
President, AEF
Opinions20 January 2022

Time for Philanthropy

The president of the AEF, Javier Nadal, writes about the 5th edition of “Demos, Forum of Foundations and Civil Society”, the reference event in Spain for the foundation sector that this year brought together professionals from all spheres to promote new approaches to respond to the most urgent needs of today’s society.