• KoneKtor 2023

    We are in Sarajevo to explore “Peace, Justice and the Promise of Democracy”
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  • European Day of Foundations and Donors

    #October1Europe is a day for celebrating our sector, and sharing solutions to challenges that will help us build tomorrow, together.
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  • “Philanthropy Back to the Drawing Board: Shaping a Future Agenda”

    Rien van Gendt’s latest book offers a fresh look at the way foundations function and position themselves
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Philea nurtures a diverse and inclusive ecosystem of foundations, philanthropic organisations and networks working for the common good. We help our members to get inspired, act together and achieve greater impact by sharing data and knowledge, exchanging best practices, connecting around common themes, engaging in policy work, and more.

Cross-cutting Themes


We are now well into the 10-year countdown to slow the warming of our planet. In this decisive decade, actions taken by markets, governments and citizens will determine liveability on our planet for the next century.


Democracies across the world have faced unprecedented challenges in recent years ‒ from narrowing civic space, to curtailment of freedom and equality, to the spread of misinformation.


Philea members have pointed to striving for equality as an urgent issue that must be addressed by philanthropy now and in the coming years. Rising economic inequality has exacerbated virtually all of the problems philanthropy works on.
Latest Insights
News15 September 2023

Philea expresses solidarity with the victims of the recent earthquake in Morocco

We, like countless others across the globe, were deeply saddened by the earthquake that recently struck Morocco, resulting in profound loss of life and widespread destruction. In the wake of…
News14 September 2023

State of the Union – Democracy and Rule of Law high on the agenda but where is our contribution to this?

The third and last State of the Union (SOTEU) address by President Ursula von der Leyen of this legislative term, took place on 13 September under…
André Wilkens
Director, European Cultural Foundation
Isabelle Schwarz
Head of Public Policy, European Cultural Foundation
Opinions12 September 2023

Russia’s war in Ukraine is testing the European sentiment. So far, it holds!

On 9 May, Europe Day, the European Cultural Foundation (ECF) and European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) launched the second edition of the European Sentiment Compass. The survey, which annually…
Ruth Williams
Secretary General, Verband für gemeinnütziges Stiften
Opinions11 September 2023

Finally! The Austrian charitable sector reaches a milestone in its development!

The Austrian Foundation Association welcomes the federal government’s new non-profit and donation package. It is the most significant reform for the third sector in recent decades and has the potential…
Atje Drexler
Senior Vice President Global Issues, Robert Bosch Stiftung
Opinions7 September 2023

Intersectionality beyond the buzz

In the area of inequality, intersectionality has become a well-established framework used to analyse and work on the multidimensional nature of inequalities. The term was first coined by Black feminist…
News6 September 2023

Civil society organisations now have their place in the single market

We welcome the European Commission proposal to facilitate cross-border activities of non-profit associations in the EU through the creation of a new legal form of a…