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Intersectionality beyond the buzz

In the area of inequality, intersectionality has become a well-established framework used to analyse and work on the multidimensional nature of inequalities. The term was first coined by Black feminist scholar Kimberlé Crenshaw to describe the specific experience of discrimination faced by Black women in the United States. An intersectional… Read More

Making Youth Engagement Practical

The power of youth engagement cannot be underestimated. At the Philea Forum 2023, young people from Kenya, Croatia, Turkey, and Ukraine captivated the audience with their compelling statements on how philanthropy can create a better world for young people. They called on philanthropy to create an enabling environment that… Read More

An intersectional approach to climate funding

Climate solutions often leave out or directly harm the most vulnerable communities. While “intersectionality” and “climate” are almost buzzwords nowadays, the two fail to come together in a meaningful way in Europe. We have a very active climate field in Europe. However, it is not one that structurally works towards climate justice. Funders must take a structural, intersectional approach to the climate crisis that empowers communities. Read More

Arts and culture at the core of philanthropy

Although the arts can’t fix high energy prices or missiles raining down on innocent civilians, they are very much part of these struggles and transitions – helping people to make sense, to respond and to campaign. Read More

STEP-UP Massive Open Online Course

The STEP-UP Massive Open Online Course platform is a bilingual, self-paced, learning training programme accessible to all, on a number of medical and social topics related to HIV/AIDS. Created by the European Aids Treatment Group and Alliance for Public Health, it was designed to… Read More

PEX Racial Equity Working Group May 2023

The next meeting of the PEX Racial Equity Working Group will take place online on 16 May. The PEX Racial Equity Working Group focuses on the roots of racial injustice in Europe, considering both programmatic and internal implications for philanthropy. PEXcommunity organisations have been gathering in regular virtual exchange on… Read More

PEX Gender Equity and Justice Working Group May 2023

The next meeting of the PEX Gender Equity and Justice Working Group will take place online on 2 May. The group seeks to frame the debate on gender and diversity with the aim of contributing to a gender-balanced and more diverse sector in Europe. This will be the second… Read More

Philanthropic Leadership Platform: China-Europe – Why you should apply Q&A

Where do philanthropic practices in Europe and China converge and diverge? How does philanthropy in China approach the climate emergency? How can digital technologies accelerate philanthropic impact across both geographies? These are some of the questions that 10 European and 10 Chinese peers at the Philanthropic Leadership Platform: China-Europe will… Read More