8 April 2024

Applications open for the Philanthropic Leadership Platform: China-Europe 2024

Applications are now open for the Philanthropic Leadership Platform: China-Europe, organised in partnership with the China Foundation Forum and with support from Stiftung Mercator.

The Philanthropic Leadership Platform: China-Europe is an innovative, peer-led leadership development programme that brings together 20 philanthropy professionals from China and Europe for a period of one week to promote understanding, and build insights and knowledge to practice philanthropy more effectively.

The aim is for participants to go back to their home organisations and contexts with new perspectives, tools and insights that will make them better leaders, and in turn enhance the impact of their organisations.

More specifically, the main objectives of PLP China-Europe are:

  • to generate unique insights into key developments in the philanthropic sector in China and Europe, and the operating environment in both geographies;
  • to offer inspiration and insights into new and emerging practices leaders in philanthropic organisations are wrestling with;
  • to highlight impactful practices of philanthropic organisations centering a peer-learning methodology;
  • to facilitate impactful networking among philanthropy leaders from China and Europe;
  • to enhance key roles development, such as to broaden vision, expand thinking, inspire introspection and activate more possibilities for further development;
  • to improve the intercultural competence of participants and support understanding and cooperation between European and Chinese foundations.

Having initiated the Philanthropic Leadership Platform: China-Europe in 2016, Stiftung Mercator and Philea are coming together again to design the latest edition of PLP: China-Europe with the China Foundation Forum.

The new edition will gather a cohort of 20 philanthropy professionals; 10 from China; 10 from Europe, to partake in a one-week gathering from the 1-8 September in Beijing.

How to apply

To apply please submit this completed form to Yana Smith by 16 May 2024.


Participants are responsible for covering the costs of travel to/from the programme location. All other costs (meals, transportation, accommodation) associated with the programme will be covered by the organisers.


Yana Smith
Programme Officer