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Rana Kotan
Suzana Djordjevic
Hemofarm Foundation I Serbian Philanthropy Forum
Opinions - 15 December 2021

Reflections of 2021 and Hopes for 2022

2021 was quite an unusual year. The remarkable speed of COVID-19 vaccine development was not followed by the same speed of healing. In fact, more people died from the coronavirus…
Jim Cooke
Head of the Funders Collaborative Hub, Association of Charitable Foundations (ACF)
Opinions - 14 December 2021

The pandemic showed what foundations can achieve by working together. Now let’s think collaboratively about the future.

The pandemic showed what foundations can achieve by working together. Three key ingredients made this possible: relationships, tools and collaborative mindsets. Now it’s time for funders to think collaboratively about the future. The Funders Collaborative Hub has been developed to provide information and inspiration, helping funders achieve more together.
Derya Tombuloğlu
Founder & Head of Strategy, Heart Mind Design
Opinions - 14 December 2021

Birth of a new era: Corporations search for purpose

We are living through a major historical event. No, I am not talking about the pandemic. For the first time in modern (capitalist) history, people question why corporations exist and…
Rosalind McKenna
Acting Special Advisor, Open Society Foundations (OSF)
Opinions - 14 December 2021

Solidarity must catch up with science: The year ahead for Covid-19

With many countries on track to miss the World Health Organization’s target of 40% vaccination coverage by the end of 2021, philanthropy must play its part to drive global vaccine access in 2022. We need to see more effective, solidarity-based responses if the world is to meet vaccination targets in 2022 and end the pandemic.
Anne Monier
Research Fellow at the ESSEC Philanthropy Chair
Opinions - 14 December 2021

Being bold: What can philanthropy do differently to tackle climate change? And how can research help?

Anne Monier (ESSEC Philanthropy Chair) share her reflection on a climate philanthropy at the ERNOP conference 2021.
Patrice Schneider
Chief Strategy Officer, Media Development Investment Fund
Opinions - 13 December 2021

Blended capital funding for independent media: An innovation by European philanthropy

Media plurality gives a voice to minorities, free-thinkers and marginalised groups, but the time has come to explore the need for a plurality of capital that invests in this key democratic infrastructure. Patrice Schneider shares the story of Plūrālis, a Media Development Investment Fund that has partnered with a number of European foundations, news media companies and impact investors to provide independent media companies access to the right capital.
Ayşegül Bayar Hildgen
Program Coordinator, Sabancı Foundation
Utku Demiryakan
Consultant, Sabancı Foundation
Opinions - 6 December 2021

Driving impact for persons with disabilities – From grantee to an accessibility partner

Sabancı Foundation carries out international work in order to follow global approaches in the field of civil society and philanthropy and to create dialogue opportunities between Turkey and other countries.
Katarzyna Słubik
President of the Board of the Polish Civil Society Association for Legal Intervention
Opinions - 5 December 2021

The migration crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border: It is not over yet. Views from the Polish civil society.

Is Poland the villain?  When in mid-August the news broke that 40 Afghans were trapped at the border between the Polish and Belarussian Border Police, few knew what…
Elizabeth Franchini
Program Officer, Fondazione Banca del Monte di Lucca
Opinions - 29 November 2021

Driving impact for persons with disabilities – A smile can change the world

In the film industry, Italian dubbing is universally recognised as the best in the world. In recent years, new technologies have reduced the size of the equipment, making it possible…
Nino Khurtsidze
Vice President, Europe Foundation
Opinions - 22 November 2021

Driving impact for persons with disabilities – Institutionalising change

The Georgian Down Syndrome Association (GDSA) was founded four years ago to help young mothers of children with Down Syndrome who found themselves virtually alone and without any peer or…
Michael Fembek
Director, Zero Project
Ernst Ferdinand Starhemberg
Project Assistant, Zero Project
Opinions - 15 November 2021

Driving impact for persons with disabilities – Impact transfer

Zero Project The Essl Foundation, a charitable foundation from Austria, launched the Zero Project in 2011. Since then, the project has identified more than 700 good practices of inclusion of…
Magdalena Kern
Partnerships & Advocacy Communications Coordinator, Light for the World
Opinions - 8 November 2021

Driving impact for persons with disabilities – Disability Inclusion Facilitators

Disability inclusion matters in all areas of life. It is guaranteed by human rights treaties – the most important being the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities…
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