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Alexandra Stef
Community & Learning Director, INSPIRE
Opinions - 18 August 2022

Community foundations: Chipping away at the gridlocks in systemic transformation

We are now living immersed in interconnected challenges of planetary scale, with climate change most deeply and devastatingly interlinked with everything. We see complexity play out live, cascading into society…
Barry Knight
Secretary, CENTRIS Trustees
Chandrika Sahai
Programme Manager, Philanthropy for Social Justice and Peace
Opinions - 17 August 2022

Resilience: To be or not to be?

Resilience is the “‘buzzword’” of the moment in development, but how useful is it as a concept? PSJP’s discussions with practioners show that to be effective resilience strategies must build people’s agency and dignity, and their capacity to not just survive but to thrive in ways that they determine.
Dr. James Magowan
Co-ordinating Director, ECFI
Opinions - 10 August 2022

Community foundations in Europe: Movement building momentum

Community foundations took root in Europe in the 1980s. Since then, they have spread to 22 countries and evolved in their form and function, adapting to changing social, economic and…
Alyna Smith
Deputy Director, PICUM
Chrisann Jarrett
Founder and CEO, We Belong
Esther Mamadou
Member of the Steering Committee, Equinox Racial Justice Initiative
Opinions - 12 July 2022

Navigating the shifting terrain of race and migration in Europe

Philea’s Biray Bensu De Meulemeester dives into one of the sessions from the Philea Forum 2022, “Race and migration in Europe ‒ Navigating the shifting terrain”, by interviewing three of…
Delphine Moralis
Chief Executive Officer, Philea
Rana Kotan
Secretary General, TÜSEV
Opinions - 11 July 2022

Towards more engaged philanthropy infrastructure

What is on the hearts and minds of the leaders of philanthropy infrastructure organisations? In this interview, Rana Kotan, Secretary General, the Third Sector Foundation of Turkey (TUSEV) and Delphine…
Eva-Maria McCormack
Executive Director, Strategic Communications, European Climate Foundation (till 2022) and CEO and Founder, Talking Hope
Opinions - 11 July 2022

Let’s talk about hope: Why we need a new story on climate

Curbing the climate crisis requires a systemic transformation that touches people in every area of their lives. A transition of this scale requires, above all, an answer to the question “What for?” However, our discourse on climate rarely envisions the world we want to build. A plea for more hope and imagination.
Richard Dzikunu
Action Learning Group Lead, YIELD Hub
Opinions - 7 July 2022

How can philanthropy work with young people? Outlining the ‘Find, Equip, Enable, Connect and Track’ approach

In all their diversity, young people want philanthropy to support initiatives that empower them. They are calling for an equal partnership and meaningful engagement where philanthropy can create and invest…
Josiane Smith
Key Programmes Lead - Philanthropy, Social Innovation Exchange
Opinions - 6 July 2022

From dancing on the walls to dismantling them: A philanthropic landscape I’d like to see

It takes a certain type of person to scale a wall and dance on it almost upside down. Other than the two ballerinas doing just that on the final night…
Isabel Peñalosa
Director of Institutional Relations, Consulting and Communication, Asociación Española de Fundaciones
Opinions - 29 June 2022

A decade after the Stauffer and Persche cases, how has cross-border philanthropy changed in Spain?

In 2014, following the ruling of the European Court of Justice, the European Commission initiated an infringement procedure against Spain (N. 20134086) aiming at clarifying whether Spanish legislation on tax…
Camilla Della Giovampaola
PhD Candidate in International History and Politics and Teaching Assistant, The Geneva Graduate Institute
Giuseppe Ugazio
Edmond de Rothschild Foundations Chaired Assistant Professor in Behavioural Philanthropy, Geneva Finance Research Institute, University of Geneva.
Opinions - 28 June 2022

Empowering philanthropy to lead the ethical and inclusive AI revolution

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly ubiquitous in our lives and societies: We use it to plan our trips, buy groceries and even to find peers. Having now reached sophisticated levels…
Luis Manuel Pinto
Director for Programmes and Learning, Learning for Well-being Foundation
Opinions - 8 June 2022

Mapping the Journey of Child and Youth Participation in Philanthropy

Despite the challenges brought on by the pandemic, recently we have seen important support for children’s participation rights by major international agencies. The European Commission, the Council of Europe and…
Kat Wilcox
Fundraising Lead, Climate Outreach
Opinions - 8 June 2022

How philanthropy can drive people-centred climate action

In all of the critical talk about fossil fuels and low carbon technologies, it is easy to forget that people are central to the climate change issue. People cause it, people suffer from it, people make policy good and bad, and to see real progress people have to be persuaded to prioritise climate change among their many other pressing concerns. Kat Wilcox, Climate Outreach, highlights some important considerations for philanthropy.
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