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Meera Selva
Chief Executive, Internews Europe
Opinions - 30 November 2022

In times of climate crisis, we need to support local media

If a journalist’s job is to look out of the window and tell readers what is happening, disaster reporting should be easy. However, effective crisis journalism is not just about reporting on disasters. It’s also about making sure the people most directly impacted have access to the information they need on how best to find shelter, food, water and medicine. This is not easily done.
Olamide Raheem
Portfolio Manager, Impact on Urban Health, Guy’s & St. Thomas’ Foundation
Bayo Adelaja
Founder, Do It Now Now
Opinions - 30 November 2022

The racial justice perspective will only add to the climate conversation 

Olamide Raheem on the importance of centring voices of those most affected Over the past year, Guy’s & St. Thomas’ Foundation has continued to develop its position on the climate…
Roberta Bosurgi
Chief Executive Officer, EVPA
Delphine Moralis
Chief Executive Officer, Philea
Opinions - 28 November 2022

C Summit of Two – A talk with Roberta Bosurgi & Delphine Moralis

It’s an interesting year to be a CEO – especially if you’re at the helm of an organisation supporting a sector focussed on solving, among others, social and environmental challenges.
Eva-Maria McCormack
CEO & Founder, Talking Hope
Opinions - 22 November 2022

A paradigm shift on climate change: Why COP27’s “Loss & Damage” fund matters

Sharm El-Sheikh failed in many ways, but won in one: The decision for a compensation fund represents a paradigm shift in international climate diplomacy.
Giles Ruck
Chief Executive, Foundation Scotland
Opinions - 21 November 2022

Collectively we will make the difference that’s needed

Giles Ruck, Chief Executive, Foundation Scotland, explains how he feels about the climate crisis, what gives him hope and why a collective approach, centred around community, is more important than ever.
Marie-Stéphane Maradeix
Executive Director, Fondation Daniel et Nina Carasso
Opinions - 17 November 2022

Together, for a desirable future

The summer of 2022 will remain in French memories as the (first?) year of the mega fires. Beyond the scorching temperatures that are hitting Europe, the spectacular fires which until…
Dea Vidović
Director, Kultura Nova Foundation
Opinions - 15 November 2022

Arts and Culture for a Climate of Change

Cultural crisis An ecological crisis represents a global cultural emergency. Thus, the cultural sector should take concrete action. Responsibility for counteraction and prevention of catastrophic effects of climate change require…
Esra Kücük
CEO, Allianz Foundation
Opinions - 15 November 2022

Time for risktakers: The new Allianz Foundation gets to work

The Allianz Umweltstiftung and the Allianz Kulturstiftung will now be one. The two renowned foundations are joining forces in order to fulfil their mission even better: sustainably improving living conditions for present and future generations. We asked Esra Kücük, CEO of the new foundation, about the reasons for the integration and the strategic approach.
Axelle Davezac
CEO, Fondation de France
Opinions - 14 November 2022

Together, we can find solutions without leaving anyone aside

Axelle Davezac, CEO, Fondation de France, explains how she feels about the climate crisis, what gives her hope and what foundations, including Fondation de France, can do, to tackle the issue.
Leena Kela
Residency Director, Saari Residence maintained by Kone Foundation
Opinions - 10 November 2022

Ecological transition: How can a philanthropy organisation start operating within planetary limits?

The past two years Saari Residence, an international artist residency maintained by Kone Foundation, has been transforming its activities towards profound ecological sustainability. Residency Director Leena Kela tells us how they got started and how a philanthropy organisation can take steps towards sustainable practices.
André Wilkens
Director, European Cultural Foundation
Opinions - 8 November 2022

Every foundation should be a climate foundation

André Wilkens, Director, European Cultural Foundation, on why he feels a responsibility to act on climate change, and what culture and arts can do to address the issue.
Angel Font
Corporate Director of the CaixaResearch Institute and Research and Health in Portugal “la Caixa” Foundation and President, Philea
Carola Carazzone
Secretary General, Assifero and Vice-President, Philea
Opinions - 7 November 2022

Together For a Climate of Change

Crises are discussed globally, but felt locally. When COP27 begins in Sharm El-Sheikh this week, it will mark 31 years since the first reference to “loss and damage” in climate…
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