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Nevgül Bilsel Safkan
General Manager, Sabancı Foundation
Opinions - 27 March 2023

There is no small step for the climate emergency: Every effort is important

The Sabancı Foundation embarked on its climate journey a few years ago, especially motivated by several devastating disasters triggered by climate change. Taking small but concrete steps, the foundation has designed a road map and is now trying to integrate a climate lens into each of its programmes as well as being a model to other foundations in Turkey.
Josiane Smith
Key Programmes Lead - Philanthropy, Social Innovation Exchange
Kurt Peleman
Director of Special Projects, AVPN
Opinions - 14 March 2023

Philanthropy from the heart: Exploring collaborative DNA as PEX’s “X-factor”

Ultimately, collaboration is a heart over head thing. That’s precisely why it’s hard work, and also why it’s necessary.
Pavithra Ramesh
Impact Research Lead, Philanthropy Ireland
Opinions - 9 March 2023

The importance of collecting and visualising data in the philanthropy sector

Visual mapping can be a powerful tool to communicate the impact of interventions, demonstrate the distribution of resources, and highlight areas of need. By presenting data around philanthropic efforts in a comprehensive and accessible way, visual mapping can help to engage stakeholders, build support for interventions, improve transparency, promote accountability, and drive advocacy in the sector.
Hannan Ali
Organising Member, Grant Givers' Movement (GGM)
Opinions - 8 March 2023

Food, Fuel, and Fiat

What do the Collapse of the Old Kingdom of Egypt, the Warring States Period, and the UK Cost of Living Crisis all have in common? Political instability, environmental issues, and economic mismanagement. Although the specific contexts and causes differ, issues such as excessive government spending, natural disasters, and social unrest have led to the collapse of pharaonic power and the adoption of new systems.
Verónica López
Economist, Analistas Financieros Internacionales (AFI)
Juan Sosa
Economist, Analistas Financieros Internacionales (AFI)
Opinions - 7 March 2023

Where there is a need, there is a foundation

A recent study by the Asociación Española de Fundaciones looked at the social and economic contribution of foundations in Spain. It found that foundations are essential agents in Spain’s economy and society, not only from a charitable standpoint but from an economic one as well.
Luisa Bonin
Visiting Researcher, Maecenata Stiftung
Opinions - 15 February 2023

One step that can significantly increase your listening process

When foundations publicise that they listen to the ones they support, do they also publicise how the voices heard were addressed? How do those voices influence decision-making?
Alina Porumb
Director, INSPIRE Community Foundations
Alexandra Stef
Community & Learning Director, INSPIRE Community Foundations
Opinions - 14 February 2023

The quiet might of infrastructure: How philanthropy support organisations can catalyse transformation

Irrespective of where you are sitting in the philanthropy field, it is likely you have experienced a nagging sense of your work being dwarfed by the scale of intersecting environmental, economic and social crises. So the question is: are there alternatives?
Paul Kidner
Advisor, TIMA Charitable Foundation
Opinions - 14 February 2023

Institutionalising Net-Zero Care

The climate crisis is an area that all foundations, irrespective of sector, should attempt to address in one way or another. At first glance, a foundation which focusses on the social welfare of the elderly doesn’t have an obvious entry-point for proactive work addressing climate issues. And yet, a warming climate, and heat in particular, has an outsized effect on poor, marginalised and vulnerable elderly.
João de Almeida Pedro
Senior Manager, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian
Opinions - 14 February 2023

A Bridge (not) too far

Taking place from 16-18 January, the BRIDGE Programme Retreat brought together the Chairs and co-Chairs of Philea’s Thematic Networks at Philanthropy House, Brussels. The goal? To engage in a joint programme aiming to increase mutual understanding among foundations, developing a common framework to foster cross-collaborations as well as a pathway to keep conversations going in future.
Ben Evans
Director and Senior Associate, Greenacre Associates
Opinions - 7 February 2023

Anti-money laundering: A risk-based approach to regulating non-profit organisations

NPOs are becoming used to dealing with terrorist financing regulations, but are they ready for a wave of new anti-money laundering regulations that may follow? Ben Evans examines the drivers behind these laws, and the dilemma for civil society on how to respond.
Francisca Mutapi
Co-Director, Global Health Academy
Opinions - 6 February 2023

Call to action: Challenging foundations to keep African women and girls in science

Africa produces the largest proportion of female STEM graduates compared to other continents, and yet very few of them enter or remain in a STEM career. An evidence-based solution for foundations to adopt an effective funding culture for retaining these women and girls in STEM-related careers might just be the answer.
Sevda Kilicalp
Head of Research and Knowledge Development, Philea
Opinions - 19 January 2023

Data dive into the cost of living crisis

Just as Europe is moving from emergency mode to recovery from devastating effects of COVID-19, the continent is now preparing for a new era of discontent brought on by a…
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