European Philanthropy Coalition for Climate

We believe that all foundations and philanthropic organisations, regardless of their mission, can and should commit to meaningful climate action and want to offer a framework for this journey.

#PhilanthropyForClimate is a growing global movement of over 750 foundations spread across over 20 countries and 6 continents with a shared commitment to meaningful climate action.

The movement revolves around seven national commitments and an international commitment which provide foundations with a framework to integrate climate across their work, from their programmes to their investments to their operations and beyond, regardless of their size, geography or mission. 

We encourage all foundations to join us by signing a commitment and taking the next step on their unique climate journey, whether you are just getting started or already leading the way! 

How we support philanthropy on the climate journey

1. We support foundations on their climate journeys

Though peer-exchange and learning opportunities:  

Through practical resources:  

2. We strengthen existing and emerging national climate commitments

We provide peerexchange and capacitybuilding for national associations of donors and foundations to encourage climate action within their networks at a national level, including through the development of national climate commitments.

3. We convene European philanthropy infrastructure organisations active in the field of climate 

We map the climate philanthropy field in Europe and connect active organisations through peerexchange to encourage coordination and collaboration across the climate & philanthropy ecosystem, as part of PEX.

Take the next step in your climate journey

About the European Philanthropy Coalition for Climate

Philea’s European Philanthropy Coalition for Climate (Climate Coalition) is an initiative of Philea and was co-initiated by the PEXcommunity. We connect a diverse group of foundations, philanthropy infrastructure organisations and other partners to accelerate transformational change.  

The Climate Coalition has worked in partnership with WINGS to launch and scale the global #PhilanthropyForClimate movement and the International Commitment since 2021. Philea leads on supporting the emergence of new national commitments in Europe and acts as the main point of contact for European signatories that have signed the International Commitment.

In 2024, the European Philanthropy Coalition for Climate is funded by:

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Karalyn Gardner
Programme Manager – Climate Coalition
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