1 October Day of Donors and Foundations

On 1st October 2021, we are celebrating the European Day of Foundations and Donors established by Dafne in 2013.

On this day, public benefit foundations, charities, trusts, communities, donors, philanthropists, and volunteers across Europe come together for a common goal: to showcase the role foundations play in European societies for the benefit to all of us, raise public awareness about philanthropy, and encourage more giving and civic action.

1 October is a moment to engage in a meaningful dialogue with the wider public and demonstrate philanthropy impact on people’s lives. While we will be taking this opportunity to showcase philanthropy’s vital contribution, the day also encourages us to ask critical questions. Are we doing enough? Is philanthropy trust- and community-based? How can philanthropy remain sustainable and both provide short-term and long-term support?

Learn about the last edition here.

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