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Philanthropic Leadership Platform: China-Europe 2023

The Philanthropic Leadership Platform: China-Europe 2023 edition will take place on 17-23 September in Brussels. Created in partnership with Stiftung Mercator and the China Foundation Forum, the Philanthropic Leadership Platform: China-Europe is an intensive, peer-led leadership development programme that brings together… Read More

4th Annual African Philanthropy Conference

The 4th African Philanthropy Conference will explore “African Philanthropy at an Inflection Point” on 2-4 August in Saly, Senegal. In economics, an inflection point can be considered as a dramatic, drastic, and systemic event leading to synchronised economic decline. Typically, a real-life inflection point requires… Read More

Future Chair

Future Chair is one of Assifero's flagship initiatives for its 20th anniversary. The project looks to the future by focusing on intergenerational dialogue and the participation and involvement of young people in the decision-making processes of foundations and philanthropic organisations. Read More

Future Chair – tomorrow starts today

There comes a time when individuals and organisations come to realise that they have to change themselves if they want to change the world. Inner transformation can be hard, uncomfortable work but also fulfilling and rewarding. It is not only the "what" that matters here, but the "how" and "why". Read More

Philanthropy is getting ready for “radical collaboration” – for people & planet

Public-private-philanthropy partnerships can have a huge role in reimagining the system, reducing barriers for collaboration and advocating for change. Such PPPPs will require pathways to action for philanthropy: Foundations will need to have confidence around partnering up with the public and private sectors. If we are to benefit from such pathways to action, then development of individual mindsets and skillsets as well as organisational cultures and practices will also be needed in support of PPPPs. Read More

Futures Philanthropy – Gathering of Leaders

Philea and BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt are convening the first Futures Philanthropy gathering of leaders, jointly organised on 22-25 June 2023 in Albanyà, Spain. The aim of this gathering is to bring together leaders from the European philanthropic community to explore emerging and future drivers of change, risks and opportunities and what role philanthropy can play as a catalyst of change.  Read More