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Systems change and the future of philanthropy

How can foundations and philanthropic organisations apply a systems change lens to their work, and what is the unique role of philanthropy in bringing about systemic change? Kyrill Hartog and Teresa O’Connell, Are We Europe, spoke to Indy Johar, Dark Matter Labs;… Read More

Learning from BUILD – Why it matters and how, right now

Mission-driven organisations in pursuit of social change need to be strategic, strong, persistent, agile and adaptable. But traditional funding frameworks can constrain them. The Ford Foundation’s BUILD grants provide five-year, unrestricted funding and dedicated support for institutional strengthening in order to build strong and resilient organisations that can achieve their intended impact. Read More

Funding real change is funding fully & flexibly to fight the starvation cycle

Despite civil society organisations being at the forefront of fighting the complex problems of our world, most of them suffer from financial instability. This is in part due to restricted funding. In 2022, Ariadne and EDGE Funders created the Funding For Real Change website to support funders in understanding the non-profit starvation cycle and offer a spectrum of tools for breaking it: from full indirect cost coverage to multi-year flexible funding. Read More

KoneKtor: Highlighting resilience in times of crisis

Against the backdrop of the multiple crises facing societies across the globe, KoneKtor – Philanthropy East Forum took a deep dive at our annual event held this year at the end of September in Warsaw into what it means to have “Resilience in Times of Crisis”. The focus reflects the… Read More

The racial justice perspective will only add to the climate conversation 

Olamide Raheem on the importance of centring voices of those most affected Over the past year, Guy’s & St. Thomas’ Foundation has continued to develop its position on the climate crisis. We’re a 500-year-old placed-based foundation, with a mission to tackle health inequalities in the inner-London boroughs of Lambeth and… Read More