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Be Philanthropy: A View from Canada

Pandemic, war, inflation and social unrest have darkened the mood in Europe. The climate crisis and global migration are putting great pressures on European societies. To be purposefully philanthropic, to be boldly engaged, as this conference reminded us, we need courage and an openness to listening and learning from each other. Read More

Arts and culture at the core of philanthropy

Although the arts can’t fix high energy prices or missiles raining down on innocent civilians, they are very much part of these struggles and transitions – helping people to make sense, to respond and to campaign. Read More

Philanthropic Leadership Platform: China-Europe – Why you should apply Q&A

Where do philanthropic practices in Europe and China converge and diverge? How does philanthropy in China approach the climate emergency? How can digital technologies accelerate philanthropic impact across both geographies? These are some of the questions that 10 European and 10 Chinese peers at the Philanthropic Leadership Platform: China-Europe will… Read More

Ukraine a year on: Giving with impact

The Charities Aid Foundation will host the webinar “Ukraine a year on: Giving with impact” on 25 April. More than a year since Russia’s full invasion, the effect on Ukraine’s people and scenes of devastation continue to shock the world. This webinar will be a deep… Read More