23 September 2024  -  25 September 2024

KoneKtor 2024 – Dialogue, Democracy and Diversity

KoneKtor 2024 will dive into “Dialogue, Democracy and Diversityin Prague, Czechia, on 23-25 September, hosted by Porticus.

In an era marked by deepening polarisation, fractured communities, and escalating distrust, it is imperative now more than ever that we closely examine these challenges and develop viable solutions. With democracy and civil society facing persistent threats, the philanthropic sector must understand its unique role in fostering social cohesion, bridging divides, and innovating the means by which we maintain connection.

During KoneKtor 2023 in Sarajevo we examined peace, justice, and democracy from multiple perspectives and the role of foundations in supporting CSOs in defending democratic values. This year, we will establish a space to learn, reflect and connect, delving into uncharted territories of democracy, analyse polarisation, address a world fragmented by discord, and discuss the pivotal role of foundations in nurturing dialogue, bridging divides, and promoting resilience amid societal rifts.

More details will follow soon.


Alice Forsman
Programme Manager – Thematic Collaborations