16 March 2022

Press Release: Key partners from the European philanthropy sector launch ‘Philanthropy for Ukraine’ & ‘NGOs for Ukraine’ online portals 

15 March 2022 – Key partners from across the philanthropy sector have today launched the integrated online portals PhilanthropyForUkraine.eu and NGOforUkraine.eu. The initiative aims to better coordinate the efforts, initiatives and calls for donations from the European philanthropy sector and NGO community in Ukraine and neighbouring countries. 

The philanthropy sector has been swift in its response to the devastating situation in Ukraine, mobilising funds, donations, undertaken needs assessments and issued statements in support of the worst affected. It has been united and unequivocal in supporting all those who defend international humanitarian law and the protection of civilians and civil society, in Ukraine, in Russia, in Belarus and around the world.  

The portals will directly support the work of two key stakeholders:  

  • Philanthropic organisations, to share updates on resources mobilised to support Ukraine; understand which pledges and commitments are being made by their peers; and understand and respond to the needs of (I)NGOs and grassroots organisations. 
  • (I)NGOs and grassroots organisations, to navigate the offers made by the philanthropic community and communicate their needs for support to a community of philanthropic actors.   

A simple online template allows both of these stakeholders to publish their support efforts directly to the portals in their own languages. Bringing both communities together will allow for more targeted support in the interest of helping the millions of people suffering the consequences of the invasion.   


For media inquiries, please contact Angela Pauly.

About the Portal partners 

Philanthropic organisations partnering in the portal include:   

Ariadne: Ariadne is a European peer-to-peer network of more than 600 funders and philanthropists who support social change and human rights.  

CFF: The Centre français des fonds et fondations (CFF)’s purpose is to promote the development of foundations in France. 

ECFI: The European Community Foundation Initiative (ECFI) is a collaborative initiative committed to strengthening and promoting the community foundation movement in Europe.  

EDGE Funders Alliance is a community of 320 donors, foundation officers, trustees and advisors in more than 30 countries, passionately engaged in local, national and international grantmaking within 103 diverse institutions with differing priorities and strategies, but a shared belief that equity and justice are critical to furthering sustainable, global well-being.  

Gender Funders Co-Lab is a network that mobilizes funders to support the women’s rights ecosystem and bring more and better resources to the field.  

iac Berlin: The iac berlin supports the development of networks for social impact. As a Think & Do tank, we partner with foundations, academia, public institutions, and non-profit organizations; advise on alumni work; develop practical solutions for the design of impact-oriented networks; and initiate new forms of collaboration.  

MitOst connects active citizens in an open and diverse network in Europe and its neighbouring regions.  

Philea: Philanthropy Europe Association (Philea) nurtures a diverse and inclusive ecosystem of foundations, philanthropic organisations and networks in over 30 countries that work for the common good. We unite over 10,000 public-benefit foundations that seek to improve life for people and communities in Europe and around the world. 


Angela Pauly
Head of Communications and Events