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Isocrates Foundation

The Isocrates Foundation is an independent philanthropic foundation, dedicated to the protection and promotion of public debate.

Established in 2011 by Nicolas Puech and funded by him since, the Foundation provides grants to support the fundamental role civil society organizations play in safeguarding and stimulating public debate.

The Foundation funds and supports public interest journalism and media organizations committed to strengthening the field of investigative journalism and the production of independent quality information, as well as civil society organizations working towards responsible digitalization and a healthy digital public space.

To celebrate courage and dedication, we also support occasionally the work of outstanding individuals who contribute significantly to public good in other ways than fostering public debate.


We envision public debate not only as the cornerstone of democracy, but also as a driver of social cohesion and a force for positive change.

For citizens to fully participate in democratic processes, they must be able to form opinions and make informed choices on issues that affect them or are in the common interest, in an educated and critical manner. This requires access to reliable and quality information, which is independent of private interest and respectful of the diversity of point of views. It also requires a space where ideas can be safely expressed and constructively debated in order to seek a common ground on which to build our collective destiny.

Striving for a peaceful and responsible society that upholds democratic principles and fundamental rights, encourages the participation of every citizen, and fosters social harmony, the Foundation is committed to protect and promote public debate by supporting access to quality independent information and contributing to the health and safety of the digital public space, in which it increasingly takes place.

Geographic Focus

The foundation has no geographical limitation at present but is likely to set some in the near future.
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