Engaging and representing

Raising awareness on the importance of the sector and the need for an enabling environment for philanthropy is at the core of our policy and advocacy work. We represent the sector in different EU and international institutions; contribute to relevant consultations; and engage directly with policymakers. We are also exploring collaboration opportunities between the foundation sector and public actors.

How we represent our members:

We engage with EU and international bodies and use our seats on policymaking and consultative bodies to advocate for a favourable operating environment for philanthropy in the following ways:

Recent publications

Comparative Highlights of Foundation Laws (Oct 2021)

European Philanthropy Single Market (Sep 2021)

Recent contributions to consultations

Philea Comments on EU Defence of Democracy package (Apr 2023)

Philea contribution to InvestEU programme – interim evaluation (Mar 2023)

Philea contribution to European Commission Consultation on European Association Statute (Oct 2022)

Philea comments on Council Recommendation: Developing framework conditions for social economy (Sept 2022)

Recommendations to clarify application of AML policy to public benefit foundations and NPOs (Apr 2022)

Philea Legal Affairs Committee Contribution to the EU Rule of Law Annual Report Consultation (Jan 2022)

Social Economy Action Plan contribution (Mar 2021)

Recent position papers

Philea position paper on EP JURI report as a “game changer” for civil society, including philanthropy (Feb 2022)

Anti Money Laundering position paper (Mar 2020)

Philea’s resources

Handbook: How to Use EU Law to Protect Civil Space: Second edition (Dec 2023)

Enlarging the space for European Philanthropy (Jan 2018)

Boosting cross-border philanthropy in Europe towards a tax-effective environment (May 2017)

Taxation of cross-border philanthropy in Europe after Persche and Stauffer (Jun 2014)

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