What if? Reimagining philanthropy

The What if? Reimagining philanthropy event series brings together stakeholders in the sector to challenge the status quo and ask questions of the philanthropy sector

Too often we see the world through the lens of the past, without thinking about the potential it holds. We believe there is an urgent need to change the perspective and challenge the status quo. Instead of focusing on painting a grim picture of the world, we want to change the narrative and come up with questions and ideas for social change and innovation.

What societies do we want to see in the future? What is disruption, and who are the disruptors? What old norms are holding us back? What is the status quo? How can we connect with other sectors and learn from each other? How can we leverage evidence-based dialogue? How can we translate discourse into action? How can we build and shape the narrative on European philanthropy?

The What if? Reimagining philanthropy event series bring together a diverse group of researchers, funders, representatives of philanthropic organisations and networks, social movements and media, next generation of donors, technology experts, policy- and decision-makers from across Europe and beyond, based on the topic of the event.

Our motivation is intentional learning and experimentation with ideas and questions. We design the events in ways to explore, build knowledge and inspire action.


Hanna Stähle
Head of Foresight and Innovation
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