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Next Philanthropy highlights innovative foundation practices, engages with new champions of philanthropic giving, stimulates debate and inspires more effective and connected philanthropy in Europe.

About Next Philanthropy

Too often we see the world through the lens of the past, without thinking about the potential it holds. We believe there is an urgent need to change the perspective and challenge the status quo. Instead of focusing on painting a grim picture of the world, we want to change the narrative and come up with questions and ideas for social change and innovation.

What societies do we want to see in the future? What is disruption, and who are the disruptors? What old norms are holding us back? What is the status quo? How can we connect with other sectors and learn from each other? How can we leverage evidence-based dialogue? How can we translate discourse into action? How can we build and shape the narrative on European philanthropy?

Next Philanthropy provides an inclusive space for a meaningful conversation on the current stay of play and what’s next in philanthropy in Europe.


Next Philanthropy is built around three pillars:

  1. “What if? Reimagining philanthropy” event series
  2. Next Philanthropy interviews
  3. #NextPhilanthropy insights: blog posts, analyses and case studies.

“What if? Reimagining philanthropy” is a series of facilitated events, of course online, with an inspiring talk by an invited speaker on a wide range of issues. The speaker will present a challenge, which will be followed by a “question burst” in a brainstorm format, discussion in small groups and collective sensemaking.

Our motivation is intentional learning and experimentation with ideas and questions. We design the events in ways to explore, build knowledge and inspire action.



The event series will be accompanied by “Let’s be honest” interviews and #nextphilanthropy provocative insights and perspectives such as blogs, analyses and case studies.


Invitation to collaboration

We invite you to join our Next Philanthropy collaboration hub. We will invite speakers to inspire our collective thinking, to test new frontiers and imagine futures we want to see. We want you to leave feeling challenged and reinvigorated, and we want to keep asking questions.

While looking at philanthropy practice and engaging with practitioners in more detail, Next Philanthropy will engage in a dialogue with the wider European social innovation sector, including social entrepreneurs, grassroot initiatives, investors, the business community, policymakers and academics.

Join the conversation about the future of philanthropy in Europe by sharing news and thoughts under #nextphilanthropy.

Together we can change minds, and we can start this by changing ourselves.



European initiative

Alliance, Philea,  Assifero  -the Italian national association of grant-making foundations and private institutional philanthropy, Austrian Foundations AssociationRockefeller Philanthropy Advisors and TUSEV – Third Sector Foundation of Turkey.


Global initiative

The project has been implemented jointly with Alliance, AVPA (African Venture Philanthropy Alliance), AVPN (Asian Venture Philanthropy Network), EVPA (European Venture Philanthropy Association) and WINGS (Worldwide Initiatives for Grantmaker Support).



Next Philanthropy was initiated by the Association of German Foundations in 2018. The project was launched as an information resource sharing data, trends, analyses and reflections about where the increasingly changing landscape is heading, and how the sector can best keep up with and respond to these changes.

In seeking to explore these questions and more, the Next Philanthropy initiative has stimulated and facilitated discussions by organising events, conducting country-specific profiles and interviews, collating publications, holding webinars and generating articles. We have collaborated on an open-source knowledge hub which includes a variety of relevant articles, studies and websites.

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