15 May 2019

Webinar – EU elections 2019: Is a Eurosceptic sentiment a threat to philanthropy?

The joint DAFNE/EFC Philanthropy Advocacy initiative is hosting a webinar on ”EU elections 2019: Is a Eurosceptic sentiment a threat to philanthropy?” on the 15th May at 14:00 CET.

With only a few weeks to go until the European elections on 23-26 May, a new study from the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR), an EFC Affiliated Partner, anticipates that 30% of the newly-elected MEPs will represent Eurosceptic parties. The study provides an analysis of what such a scenario would mean for the EU in terms of the rule of law, foreign and trade policy, social policy, migration and more generally the impact on the capability of the European Parliament to promote or hinder further developments of a free, competitive and multilateral-minded EU.

The joint DAFNE/EFC Philanthropy Advocacy initiative webinar will put these issues into the context of philanthropy. Participants will discuss the ECFR study and analysis with experts and explore how the new European Parliament might impact European philanthropy as well as the legislative framework for philanthropy, namely the implementation of the European Philanthropy Manifesto.

This webinar is intended for foundations, civil society organisations, philanthropy support organisations and the wider public interested in European affairs.



Susanne Baumann, Project Director, Unlock Europe’s Majority, European Council on Foreign Relations: “What to expect from an EP with 30%+ Europe sceptical MEPs?”

Ludwig Forrest, King Baudouin Foundation: Analysing potential impact of such a scenario on the way foundations can work across Europe

Hanna Surmatz, EFC, Philanthropy Advocacy: Introducing the European Philanthropy Manifesto

The webinar will be moderated by Max von Abendroth, DAFNE, Philanthropy Advocacy


Please follow the link to register for the webinar.