18 October 2021  -  20 October 2021

Vienna – Ulyana Nevzorova: Street Art Battle

Ulyana Nevzorova: Street Art Battle Exhibition 2021

The exhibition ”Ulyana Nevzorova: Street Art Battle”, created by ERSTE Stiftung, was on display at the 31st EFC Annual Conference in Vienna from 18-20 October.

Ulyana Nevzorova lives and works as a visual artist in Minsk, Belarus. In her most recent works, she tries to process the political events in her country: “I’ve spent my whole life in a dictatorship. At this point, my role as a citizen and my artistic practice overlap.”

Street Art Battle is an intervention in the public space from 2020. The ERSTE Foundation is exhibiting her works at the EFC Annual Conference after a display at the ERSTE windows gallery from 3 August.

In Belarus, peaceful protesters and activists are being arrested every day. Since August 2020 the people of Belarus have been fighting peacefully for their political freedom.

Ulyana Nevzorova began making films, videos and reports during the protests in Minsk, which she distributed anonymously because of fear of repression. In her work, she critically commented on the government and its power politics.

In December 2020 and January 2021, she participated in a residency program in Q21/MuseumsQuartier in Vienna that was organised by tranzit.at in close collaboration with ERSTE Foundation to support people from the cultural field of Belarus.