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Vienna – Ulyana Nevzorova: Street Art Battle

The exhibition ”Ulyana Nevzorova: Street Art Battle”, created by ERSTE Stiftung, was on display at the 31st EFC Annual Conference in Vienna from 18-20 October. Ulyana Nevzorova lives and works as a visual artist in Minsk, Belarus. Read More

Facing Change

Philanthropy House and its exhibition may be closed due to COVID-19, but the EFC still strives to highlight the work of all members and bring to the fore the excellent work being conducted by foundations across Europe. To this end we… Read More


SIGNs of CHANGE, created by the SIGN Network marks their 10th anniversary and was on display in Philanthropy House from 4 October to 10 January, 2020. SIGNs of CHANGE has been created to mark the 10th anniversary of the founding of the SouthEast European Indigenous Grantmakers… Read More

Paris – Cartooning for Peace

The exhibition ”Cartooning for Peace”, supplied by Cartooning for Peace, and supported by hosts of the conference, Fondation de France, showcased a selection of cartoons from across the world. Created by world-famous cartoonist (and opening plenary speaker at the 30th EFC… Read More

Paris – Maskbook

The exhibition ”Maskbook”, produced by Arts Of Change 21, and supported by Fondation Schneider Electric, aims to raise public awareness on air pollution and climate change. Launched in 2015, on the occasion of the COP21 accords in Paris, the project sought to… Read More

Paris – Preserving and spreading indigenous women’s voice

The exhibition ”Preserving and spreading indigenous women’s voice” is a collaboration between Fondation Chanel and En Terre Indigène to draw portraits of indigenous women. The project aims to increase awareness of the diverse cultures present worldwide, that these women represent and to develop an understanding, and… Read More

Liberty, Egalité, Filantropie

”Liberty, Egalité, Filantropie”, by EFC members Aydın Doğan Vakfi was hosted in Philanthropy House from 6 May to 2 September 2019. The exhibition presents a selection of cartoons from the annual Aydın Doğan International Cartoon Competition, now… Read More

Beyond ’91 – Portrait of the Perestroika Generation

Beyond ’91 – Portrait of the Perestroika Generation came to Philanthropy House from Cafebabel, and was hosted in the exhibition space from the 10th September to 5th November 2018. More than 25 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Beyond… Read More