1 June 2022

Resilience in Uncertain Times: The Role of National Associations in Crises

The Summer Meeting for National Associations, “Resilience in Uncertain Times: The Role of National Associations in Crises”, will take place on 1 June in Barcelona, after the Philea Forum 2022.

Uncertainty has become the new normal for European philanthropy. These past two years, national associations have been living through two consecutive crises, navigating through fog, thunderstorms and occasional beams of sunshine. These occasional beams of sunshine were the tremendous level of mobilisation of funders and donors’ networks in response to the pandemic and, most recently, to the war in Ukraine. We have seen unprecedented solidarity with Ukraine – from Warsaw to Lisbon, from Stockholm to Antalya. The war in Ukraine is one of the deadliest and most devastating conflicts Europe has experienced since World War II.

The meeting will provide the opportunity for national association members to exchange emerging practices, trends and challenges in European philanthropy, surface learnings, new ideas and also broader questions that we need to tackle jointly.

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Hanna Stähle
Head of Foresight and Innovation